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Social Cause Newsletter dated October 1-15, 2007

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October 1-15, 2007 issue of 'Social Cause' is now available at




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"Think positively, with confidence and faith, and life becomes rich in achievement and experience."

                                                                                                                - Swami Vivekananda



A Blood Donation Camp to mark the occasion of the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi & Lal Bahadur Shastri

At Silicon Towers, Hi-Tech city, Hyderabad from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm on 3rd October, 2007 (Wednesday);

Camp slated for a working day for the convenience of working people.


India planning 60 space missions: ISRO chief
565-mn-yr old fossil named after Indian geologist
More Indians in US turn inventors, says study
India soon to have research base in Arctic
Siachen set to be adventure tourism spot
Govt. aims to afforest 6 mn hectares
Nuclear self-reliance must: Kalam
Tirupati ousts Vatican, reigns at top
Make Bhagvad Gita the national 'dharma shastra' : Allahabad HC
Nilgiris home to some of the oldest civilizations
Ganesh idol immersed with great fanfare near Sidney
Berlin to get largest Hindu temple in Europe outside Britain
Pakistan woos Indian pilgrims with religious tourism
Yoga need of the hour, says Catholic priest
'Ayurvedic' burqas rage in Saudi Arabia
Bihar official faces suspension for sporting tilak
Woman sacked for wearing Hindu nose stud
Protest against disrespectful Ganesha idols in Canada
World identifies India with Gandhi, Taj, poverty: BBC
Wedded to greed in India
India's secret history: 'A holocaust, one where millions disappeared ...'
India loses more lives to terror than any other country in the world except Iraq
India lacks capability to win terror war: UN
LeT reveals mission 'Hyderabad liberation'
Schools cannot compel students to disclose caste: SC
NGOs serve 'quota blow' to Social Justice Ministry
Kerala HC stays award to M F Hussain
Apex court stays Muslim quota in Andhra Pradesh
Tamil Nadu announces seven per cent quota for Muslims, Christians
Centre's advice: Post Muslims in Muslim areas
Mayawati rescues Urdu teachers, sacks cops
AMU: Where degrees are sold like toffees
Fatwa against Salman for attending puja
Live in peace until strong enough to wage jihad, says a Deobandi scholar
Hardline takeover of British mosques
German authorities report lack of Muslim cooperation in antiterrorism fight
Germans to study Vedic sciences in Fatherland
In India, a Jewish outpost slowly withers
"Don't communicate directly with foreign nations," Centre asks States
35 years ago, Ram existed for DMK boss
Congress opposes MP move to promote Savarkar poems
Rahul Gandhi appointed Congress General Secretary
US Navy to mask Swastika look of barracks in California                                                              


Articles - 123 Agreement
Put nuclear deal on hold - Brahma Chellaney
In a nuclear blind - Brahma Chellaney
Wool pulled over India's eyes - Brahma Chellaney
123 agreement: a response to Brahma Chellaney - Kapil Sibal
Sibal's 123 - Seema Mustafa
123 questions won't go away - a rejoinder - Brahma Chellaney
Questions raised by 123 agreement - Brahma Chellaney
False promise of nuclear power - Brahma Chellaney
N-deal must be debated - Brahma Chellaney
Hype on nuclear power is misleading - Brahma Chellaney
India could get a better bargain if it were patient - Brahma Chellaney
Accountability to Parliament at the heart of Singh's troubles - Brahma Chellaney
Executive cannot act independently of Parliament on nuclear deal - V.R. Krishna Iyer
Indo-US nuclear deal: A dialectical critique - V.R. Krishna Iyer
India doesn't need nuclear power - V.R. Krishna Iyer
Manmohan's 'nuclear renaissance': The truth behind it - Nilotpal Basu
How to sweep Hyde out - Pran Chopra
Objections to 123 Agreement - B.G. Verghese
A lesson in nuclear reactors - M.R. Srinivasan
123, buckle our shoes - Deb Mukharji
The 123 Agreement: An analysis - M.D. Nalapat
The Nuclear Suppliers Group and the Indo-US nuclear deal - Arun Viswanathan
Read 123 fineprint - Swapan Dasgupta
123 deal: A diplomatic triumph for India - Shashi Tharoor
Informal recognition as a nuclear weapons power - Muchkund Dubey
N-powering India - Jyotiraditya Scindia
Crying wolf over the nuclear deal - Gurmeet Kanwal
India got a better deal than China - Gurmeet Kanwal
Indo-US Nuclear Deal and Non-proliferation: Some views from the US - Gurmeet Kanwal
Nuclear energy, not weapons, matters - Jagat S. Mehta
Beyond bullets and bombs - Vikran S. Mehta
Deal Undone - Dr. P.C. Alexander
When communists say let's talk - C. Uday Bhaskar
Countdown to nuclear endgame - V. Sudarshan
But watch out for those trying to fish in troubled waters - Bhaskar Roy
N-deal: exaggerated US fear - K. Subrahmanyam
As difficult as 123 - Vijay K. Sazawal
Coherent Left, Incoherent BJP - Bharat Karnad
Nuclear renaissance - Editorial, The Tribune
No deal, no uranium for even the first stage - Editorial, The New Indian Express
The truth we overlook - Ajey Lele
But can we afford this? - Harinder Sekhon
Off the nuclear mainstream - Takamitsu Sawa
Nuclear deal and Indian concerns - Manpreet Sethi
The nuclear deal: the larger picture - Vikram Sood
US haste on nuclear deal: An unwanted hurry? - M.K. Bhadrakumar
N-deal: Why the UPA can't wait for 6 months - M.K. Bhadrakumar
Energy security: It is all about economics! - Sudha Mahalingam
123 Agreement and internal laws - R. Ramachandran
Nuclear club wants to thwart India's thorium advantage - Dr. S. Kalyanraman
"No reservation over nuclear deal" - Song Min-soon
India and the deal: partner or pawn? - Jean Dreze
N-deal and regional security - Teresita C Schaffer
Just say 'oui' to nuclear power - John Dyson and Matt Bennett
US nuclear deals: Undermining peace - Jimmy Carter                                                                  


Articles - Ram Sethu
Rama as Harry Potter, Valmiki as JK Rowling - S. Gurumurthy
Next elections: It's UPA versus Rama? - S. Gurumurthy
Faith, fact and fiction - Ashok Malik
Ram, science and religious belief - P.V. Indiresan
The Ram I know - Karan Singh
Denying Ram is denying India - Tarun Vijay
Victorious Ram - Tarun Vijay
Ram-Ravan war - II - Tarun Vijay
Unabridged edition of secular extremism - Swapan Dasgupta
Perversity as secularism - KPS Gill
Destroying bridges of faith - Chandan Mitra
Ram Sethu is our heritage, We shall protect it - Dr. Subramanian Swamy
Godless Left is a threat to unity - Balbir K. Punj
Kalaignar has lost the plot - Balbir K. Punj
God and us - Saubhik Chakrabarti
Faith can move mountains - B.G. Verghese
Sethusamudram and the hyper-reality of Ram - Jag Suraiya
Thus it was or wasn't - Bibek Debroy
Don't mix myth and history - Harbans Mukhia
Where fusion cannot work - faith and history - Romila Thapar
Communal govt.'s savage attack on Lord Rama & Ramayana - V. Sundaram
Hindu dharma humiliated - Sandhya Jain
Finish the sea, then chop off the Everest? - TJS George
The purely scientific case for Rama's Bridge - Rajeev Srinivasan
150-yr old dream for 150-yr old ships - Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar
Channel to disaster - Surajit Dasgupta
To shelve SSCP, hit hard with cost card! - Haran B.R.
The rollback is intelligent politics - Editorial, The New Indian Express
Sense & sensibility on channel - Editorial, The Hindu
Faith, politics and the judicial process - Editorial, The Hindu
Karunanidhi is inflaming passion - Editorial, The Pioneer
Sethusamudram, not alignment, is what matters - Editorial, The Tribune
India is a secular state, law minister should remember - Editorial, The Times of India
Ram not just a name, but a philosophy of dharma - Editorial, The Times of India
DMK cadre target BJP office over offensive remarks - Editorial, The Times of India
Faith flashpoints - Swapan Dasgupta
Amoral Code - M.J. Akbar
Ramar Sethu and ASI - T. Satyamurthy
Save Ram Sethu to save Bharat - J.G. Aurora
Rama Setu and Rama's historicity - Dr. N.S. Rajaram
Historicity of Ram - Dr. Murlidhar H. Pahoja
Is Shri Ram a historical figure? - Ashok Chowgule
Karunanidhi wrong, Ram an ancient Tamil icon - P. Ananthkrishnan
Adam bhaktas too have a case against dredging - A.J. Phillip
Scrap the shipping channel project - Nanditha Krishna
Did Rama exist? - Nanditha Krishna
Is the existence of Ram a matter of faith alone? - Devendra Dwivedi (Congress) & Sheshadri Chari (BJP)
Clash of faith: 'Aryan' Ram no God down south - Face the Nation programme on CNN IBN
Truth behind Ram Setu - 30 min programme on CNN INB
Is the Sethu canal project a good idea? (Big Fight programme on NDTV) - Ram Madhav (RSS), Seshadri Chary (BJP), Jayanthi Natarajan (Congress) etc.                                                                                                          


Articles - Blasts in Hyderabad
Never ending trauma of terror - Joginder Singh
Terrorism feeds on UPA policies - Balbir K. Punj
Terrorists changing tactics, but are we? - Ajit Doval
Blaming intelligence agencies not enough - Sankar Sen
Hyderabad Blasts: What do they Portend? - Sujoyini Mondal
The dark side of Hyderabad's success - Sudha Ramachandran
Federal police force needed to tackle terror - V. Balachandran
What's ailing RAW? - Swapan Dasgupta
See no evil - Prem Shankar Jha
Hyderabad and terrorism - G.S. Vasu
An inheritance of hatred and unrest - Praveen Swami
MIM: Thriving on the ideology of its pre-Independence parent body - R. Upadhyay
Hyderabad blasts: Questions & answers - B. Raman
Unmasking the Hyderabad Twin Blasts
Averting terror - Editorial, DNA                                                                                                   


Bandh culture, chuck it! - U. Atreya Sarma                                                                                 


Burning Torch
Self-esteem requires punch - M.L. Narasimha Rao                                                                       


Editorial Comments
After SC ruling, politicians should delete Bandh from their lexicon - The Times of India
Junk for thought - DNA
ISRO has several reasons to be delighted - The Hindustan Times
Tainted MPs a blot on the system - The Tribune                                                                          


Book Review
Review of "Rising India: Friends and Foes" edited by Prakash Nanda - Manju Gupta                       


Voice of the People
Dynastic politics - Implications for democracy                                                                             

Is the appointment of Rahul Gandhi as a general secretary of AICC going to be a shortcut to anoint him as the PM of India sooner than later? What do you think are the implications of dynastic politics for Indian democracy? You are welcome to post your comments in this section.



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habc said...

Who could it be now?

Mothers of prevention

Schoolgirls in Lancashire and Yorkshire are falling prey to sinister gangs of pimps. Two men have been sent to jail, but the girls’ mothers, not the police, are at the forefront of the crackdown. Why are the authorities so reluctant to get involved?

Now why would that be I ask?

At the crown court in Preston on August 10, a trial involving two Asian men caused unusual interest across a number of cities in the north of England. The defendants, Zulfqar Hussain and Qaiser Naveed, were each sentenced to five years and eight months for abduction, sexual activity with a child, and the supply of a controlled drug.

it get better

the groups of men who had been preying on young, vulnerable girls and ensnaring them into prostitution.

It was a very uncomfortable scenario, not least because many of these crimes had an identifiable racial element: the gangs were Asian and the girls were white. The authorities, in the shape of politicians and the police, seemed reluctant to acknowledge this aspect of the crimes; it has been left to the mothers of the victims to speak out.

habc said...

Notice that the Russians just like the Arabs have their media arms in place

Russia to Launch 24-Hour Spanish TV Satellite Channel in Addition to Existing English and Arabic

What about the Chinese? does anyone know?

Sameer said...

Well, looks like dhimmitude is not just a feature of ours, the original seed sower, the Limeys are getting paid...
Look how the government is 'reluctant' to force case on 'Asians', clearly Pakis...
Londonistan.... welcome...

Regarding Russian news channel...
Well, when the yanks can have it (CNN), Limeys can have it (BBC - its Paki too), as somebody mentioned, Arabs can have it, and even French can have why not Russians, afterall, they too need to counter the trash shown by CNN and BBC and others.
Regarding China, well, we have Chindu (The Hindu) and other leftist papers... extensively quoting from Xinhua....

Also, it was nice to see the SC saving the day and giving hope to the citizens...
As said in the blog... UPA wouldnt dare remove support and will bypass the court's order...

The website www.socialcause.org has some lovely articles... nice website...

elu336 said...

Hi Ram supporters,

Please read this article published by FRONT LINE Magazine (5th Oct 2007)



nizhal yoddha said...

and this excerpt from 'china's national magazine' proves exactly what? that there is a communist-mohammedan axis? that's old news, we have known it forever.

trotting out kn panikkar and suchlike -- what do you expect them to say other than this sort of crap?

note how the communists insist on calling it adam's bridge, after acknowledging that it is a nod to mohammedan mythology.

a biased source (and frontline is about as biased as they come because it is sustained entirely by chinese money: the only people who actually read it are the faculty of jnu) is not get anybody brownie points.

the interview with the navy man that i posted earlier, where he points out that this thing is a complete waste of money because nobody is going to use it -- a POV from a a person who actually has been a sailor for years -- is far more convincing about the sheer economic futility of this crazy project. it is a wet dream of stealth-christist t r baalu to show how 'dravidian'/christist imperialists can do anything they want to hindu sentiment.