Thursday, October 11, 2007


oct 11th, 2007

really, who might these people have been? enquiring minds want to know

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From: Rajan
Now, who could these be?


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karyakarta92 said...

The incident occurred off the coast of Udupi, Karnataka. This is near the city of Mangalore. The region was once terrorised by Xavier, the Portuguese pirate. Many hundreds of thousands of descendants of those who were converted by that christist pirate
live in that region - with such improbable surnames like Fernandes, D' Souza, Crasta, Alva,
D' Mello etc. In fact, the temple town of Udupi has an adjacent town called Malpe, which is mostly christist.
These Mangalore christists are actually hard to distinguish from their Hindu neighbours in many respects. If there is piracy in those waters, it may be these christists. To be fair, there is a huge presence of Moplahs from Malabar, who have already taken over Kasargod and are heading northward to Mangalore. Mohammedans have a hoary seafaring tradition of piracy as well.