Saturday, October 13, 2007

oh this is good, yanks are wimpy men who couldn't prevent the savage brown arabs

oct 12th, 2007

from violating their women, so to speak, by doing 9/11?

"sexualized struggle between depleted masculinity and overbearing womanhood"?

i do like susan faludi, and enjoyed 'backlash', but she seems to have gone a wee bit overboard in this one. feminism can be one of those semitic cults too, when you define the Other as the eternal enemy and view everything through the prism of conflict with them.

susan should take some lessons from somini sengupta, according to whom "Athleticism has never been associated with Indian cricket, nor with Indians in general, and that has been a chip on the shoulder of Indian manhood."

so susan thinks (white) yank guys are wimps, and somini thinks indian guys are wimps. and they say so publicly. now if i were to say something rude about indian women, or some white guy were to say something rude about white women, all hell would break loose.

maybe it's me, but somehow there seems to be some asymmetry.

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