Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Secular taliban demands cancellation of Gujarat elections

"A number of eminent persons, activists, educationists and people from all walks of life today called for cancellation of the elections to the Gujarat Assembly, scheduled in December................In a petition, they urged the President, the Prime Minister, the Chief Justice and the Election Commission to......."


Among the eminent persons are danseuses Aditi Mangaldas and Mallika Sarabhai, actor Nandita Das, Chitra Subramanium, eminent lawyer Kamini Jaiswal, activist Shabnam Hashmi and eminent Father Cedric Prakash.

Now, this is confusing. I thought the secular taliban were accusing the fascist Narendra Modi and the communal Hindutva forces of dictatorial proclivities and anti-democratic tendencies. Why would they want to interfere with the election process that is the foundation of our dhimmocracy? Also, who exactly pronounces them "eminent" ?


karyakarta92 said...

Here's some more
eminent persons making yet another demand.
Their eminences include former naval chiefs Admiral R H Tahiliani, Admiral Ramdas, social activists Medha Patkar and Aruna Roy, Booker Prize Winner Arundhati Roy, Magsaysay Award winners Arvind Kejriwal and Sandeep Pandey... Why does this sound like an old, familiar list?

Sudarshan said...

Obviously these eminences believe that Modi will win. Else they wouldn't be eating their poor hearts out over the elections.