Sunday, October 14, 2007

Muslim recruitment up in central forces

A very dangerous development indeed. Muslim recruitment has shot up to 20% from 6%. On the one hand the Kaangress watches apathetically when Hindus are blown-up to bits every other month by Mohammedan terrorists. On the other hand it actively encourages the recruitment of Mohammedans in the paramilitary forces, further endangering Hindu lives.


Sage said...

One should be careful labeling entire community by such comments. Islamic fundamentalism against India has much bigger external component. One of the most damaging spy scandal was by a Punjabi officer of RAW who fled to US via Nepal. Biggest threats to India's security are corrupt politicians, Islamic and Christian fundamentalism, burgeoning populations of Pakistan and Bangladesh, subtle chinese aggression, poverty and global warming - in that order.

karyakarta92 said...

Looks like the UPA has already implemented the recommendations of the Rajinder Sacchar report.

ramesh said...

Given the way this country (I mean Hindus) is (or are) being slowly & systematically cornered & humiliated by christists / muslims/ Chinese / commies / ngos / home grown traitors etc, etc. etc. etc., global warming is still our best bet (for a dignified extinction). (Apologies for sounding so negative).

nizhal yoddha said...

again we should go to vijayanagar for historical lessons. if you go to hampi now, you'll find that the least destroyed part of the city is the 'mohammedan quarters'. yes, they had mohammedan troops.

if i remember right, the aged king rama raya wanted to marry some mohammedan girl. she said, ok, on condition that you make my two brothers generals. the old fool did so.

in the crucial battle of talikota, when vijayanagar was facing the bahmani sultans (mohammedans) these mohammedan generals turned coat and attacked rama raya who was on his elephant. they killed him, beheaded him, and stuck his head on a pole. the vijayanagar army was so dispirited by this that the battle ended in a headlong rout.

moral of the story: mohammedans in general will prefer fellow-religionists over the nation.

ramesh said...

why just vijaynagar. An even more better example would be Kashmir. Hindu Kashmir in its last days sounds alarmingly like India in recent years. Corrupt useless governments, an apathetic populace, short sightedness of Brahmins, an aggressive / hostile religion knocking at the doors, and numerous foreign adventurers working in important government positions. See the following quote from Wikipedia (article on shah mir, founder of kashmir’s first muslim dynasty.)
“The last Hindu ruler of Kashmir was Udyan Dev. It was his chief Queen Kota Rani, who practically governed the state. She was a very brave lady, shrewd and an able ruler. Though she tried her best to save her Kingdom, odds were too heavy for her. The valley was again invaded by a Mongol and Turk invader Achalla, but the Queen defeated him, and drove away all the foreign troops. In the confusion Rinchin, the Ladhaki prince, whom the Hindu religious leaders of the time refused to admit into their fold, organised an internal rising and seized the throne. Before his death, he embraced Islam. Finally another rising was led by Shah Mir, who defeated the queen at Jayapur (modern Sumbal). The defeat upset her and seeing the indifference of the Hindu grandees and general public, she stabbed herself to death, because Shah Mir wanted to marry her. Her death in 1339 paved the way for the establishment of Muslim rule in Kashmir.”
Notice the phrase “indifference of the Hindu grandees and general public.” What this quote does not mention is that Shah Mir ( a sufi preacher) was actually an employee of Kota Rani’s husband, Rinchin.

Sage said...

How about looking at recent history - when Indian Army's J&K Rifles unit soldiers attacked Pakistani positions in Kargil war with cries of 'Allah u Akbar, the pakis were confused why "their" people are attacking them!

M. Patil said...

When will we Kafirs Learn? As long as a person is a devout Muslim and believes every word of Koran is a word of Allah,and most Muslims do, the life, property and dignity of Hindus are in grave danger. In my view reading the Koran, especially it's injunctions against idolators(Q. 009.005, 008.12, 008.13) should be made mandatory for all Hindus.

Regarding recent history, a recent survey showed that majority of British born Muslims believe that apostates must be killed. No such opinion survey is available in India, however they will be equally sobering. Ethnic cleansing in Kashmir, dime a dozen bomb blasts all over India would not have been possible without internal Jihadi supporters.