Monday, October 01, 2007

Mughal descendant wants Red Fort

LOL time guys .... The descendants of the last Mughal despot of India want to claim Red Fort. Let us have fun ripping their false claims apart...

The direct descendants of the last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, who have long been bitter with the Indian government for not giving them their due, have now said that they will be suing to claim the Red Fort, which was the emperor's last main residence in India

What for ?? You can next lay claim to sundry forts in northern India and that ugly mausoleum built over the Tejo mahalaya temple in Agra. (Yeah, that thing is ugly. I am tired of seeing it as a representation of India. Cant really think why any newspaper or magazine around the world, and India, has to carry an image of that ugly mausoleum when featuring a story on India. There is a lot more to India than that building made of decaying marble)

"My mother Sultana Begum only gets a pension of Rs 400 a month from the Indian government for being associated with the Mughal dynasty. We surely deserve better," said the great-great-granddaughter of Bahadur Shah Zafar, Raunaque Zamani Begum

(emphasis mine)
What ?? I thought pensions to former rulers were abolished by the daughter of the Greatest Prime Moro... Minister of India. Why is she getting that money, however high or low the amount is ? Secularism eh ?
And why do you deserve better ? Wasnt it enough that you plundered India for 400 years !! Your progeny still has more religious and civil rights than the rest of ordinary subjects like us. What more do you want ?

Her 27-year-old sister, Zeenat Mahal Shaikh, who lives with her family at Mira Road, said, "The Mughals ruled India since the time of Babar. The Indian government should appreciate this fact, as it also concerns us

What is there to appreciate about that ? We are happy to be rid of the war-mongering fanatic Mughals. And how does it concern you? Are you still the rulers of India ? The last time I checked, India is still a democracy.

Raunaque's husband, Iqbal Nawab, is supporting the sisters. "We are identifying a lawyer to fight the case for the Red Fort and will file a court petition within this year. Many Indian kings who bowed down before the British are now very rich, but Bahadur Shah Zafar paid a huge price for standing up to the British in 1857," said Nawab, who is in the construction business but has run into losses.

Sad to know about your construction business losses but I dont think Red Fort will be enough to compensate your Surely, you think that the Indian kings who bowed down before the British are multimillionaires. As far as I remember, none of them feature in the top 100 richest Indians. And more importantly, none of them have become rich by the pensions they got from the government. They invested whatever they had remaining with them, and marketed their heritage well. I suppose, Nawab of Pataudi is rich and he is Muslim. Also, did Bahadur Shah Zafar stand up to the British for India or for his own interests ?
Ohh , by the way, where is all the wealth you looted !??

When asked if it would be an uphill task to claim the Red Fort, Raunaque reasoned, "If the government cannot give us our Red Fort, then at least compensate us properly.
In fact, we are only asking for one of the many properties of the Mughals." Nawab cited the recent example of the Raja of Mahmudabad, Mohammed Amir Mohammed Khan, who won back his royal properties after a long legal battle in Lucknow.

Red Fort is not Mughal property. It was British, and now its Indian.

Before the tyrannical Mughals, the site was probably owned by Prithviraj Chauhan, as per Wikipedia. (Even if this is false, it does not add to your claim on the Red Fort or the decaying mausoleum. If this statement regarding Prithviraj Chauhan is true, then you have no claim at all, moral or legal.)

Red Fort is also UNESCO World Heritage site. Go file a case against them too.

Also, visit the link and look at their sad faces, with kids for the extra sympathy factor. This will help the seculars' shrieks. Remember that face of the Gujarat riots (of course, the hundreds of Hindus who died in equal number along with the muslims, had no faces)


srikanth said...

There's another ugly thing of the past that belongs to the same category as Taj Mahal. I fondly call it 'Gateway to a great slum'. You know where it is? Ya, you guessed it right! It's in Hyderabad.

karyakarta92 said...

The mogul descendants should be held liable for all the loot, genocide and rapine of Hindus perpetrated in the approximately 400 years of the mogul dynasty's loot. Of course, islamic tyranny in India began with the invasion of Sindh by Mohammad Bin Qasim. Direct descendants of the pre-mogul islamic wretches cannot be traced, although there are some 200 million bastard children of theirs on our sacred motherland today. Accountability for the 1300 years of Hindu holocaust under islam will be established eventually. But, when these offspring of Bahadur Shah Zafar are declaring under oath, in a court of law that they are from his lineage, they should be held liable for the mogul genocide, perhaps to the tune of an amount like $500 trillion. Where are the Hindu activists of Delhi? They should file a counter-litigation
seeking such war reparations.