Saturday, October 06, 2007

Modi is PM material - Shourie

It takes a doer to know another.

I hope the BJP-wallahs will think long and hard about the endorsement given to Modi by Arun Shourie (who incidentally has a Phd. in economics from Syracuse - not that the idiot press will ever tell you this)

All those secular bums who are all talk and plainly do not have the guts to take on entrenched interests (e.g. Chidambaram) cannot match Gujarat and so they vilify Modi. All this is being driven by trade and agriculture (are you listening san). Agricultural output has grown in Gujarat by over 12 percent for the last three years or so - with initiatives like this one. Just goes to show you where the money really is.

In keeping with the Tendulkar cricket-parallel - should Chidambram not be called the modern Nehru of the Indian economy?


san said...

Let us also couple that with recognition that Rajnath is NOT the right material for regaining power at the centre.

san said...

What might help is a more decentralized model, which forces states and local govts to sink or swim on their own merits. Then forward-thinking states can forge ahead unconstrained, while the backward-thinking states and populations can plunge to their doom. The foolish should not be protected from their own folly.

habc said...

All the villages in Gujarat will have broadband connectivity provided by Airtel