Thursday, October 18, 2007

Karunanidhi the new Ravana

“After Ravana, Karunanidhi has questioned existence of our Lord. He cannot see Ram from behind the dark spectacles that he wears. It seems Ravana has been reborn as Karunanidhi . We will pay him back in the same coin,” says Abhay Awasthi, a senior member of the Pattharchatti Ramlila Committee.

Send Teesta to protest this violation of Karunanidhi's human rights!


TallIndian said...

I think the wheels may finally have come off the DMK machine this time.

Not only has Dr. K insulted millions of voters, he has shown that the DMK is indeed an anti-Hindu party because of his complete lack of any similar statement against St. Thomas (for which there is no evidence) or any tenet of Islam (for which there is no evidence).

His party is split (the Maran clan are pretty astute and have an established base throughout the state and have billions of dollars at their disposal). The AIDMK is still strong. The likelihood of a Congress-DMK alliance maintaing power is slim.

Vinod_Sharma said...

It is easy to blame Karunanidhi. But the real culprits are the British who spread this canard about the Aryan invasion and made Ram an Aryan fighting Dravidian Ravan. Nehru put his seal of approval on this colonial myth. That is why this strong anti 'Aryan' movement has taken root in Tamil Nadu. Once the falsehoods are properly understood, Karunanidhi and others will not become suckers again. Already, he seems to be seeing things more clearly. He spoke Hindi for the first time on TV a few days back!

nizhal yoddha said...

karunanidhi is a smooth operator and a demagogue. he is very cognizant of others' weak points. for instance, he dumped the alleged god periyar when he got a chance. which was: periyar married a girl named maniammai when he was 70 and she was about 24 (i was wrong about the underage part, i think, but the 'dravidians' are very secretive about her age). well, maniammai had been *ministering* to periyar for some seven years by then, and she was definitely underage when the 'ministering' began. anyway, the old fool was so enamored of her that he declared that she was his political and legal heir. of course, karunanidhi used this as an excuse to dump periyar -- he wanted to be king of course in future, plus i think periyar had accumulated quite a bit of money. so karunanidhi read the tea leaves right -- even the "dravidians" were appalled by the guy marrying a girl young enough to be his great-grand-daughter and so the DMK (da muthuvel karunanidhi party) became the kings.

so mk knows which way the wind is blowing.

sakthi said...

Few things i want to say here. First of all, the high priests of the dravidian movement during its incipiency were not tamils. For eg, Periyaar was a Kannadiga ( his clan of naickers were originally the cheiftains of the Vijayanagar empire and their subsequent who absorbed entire tamil nadu into their kingdom around 500 years back) And Karunanidhi was a telugu by origin.The DMK never enjoyed popularity among the masses , simply becoz the masses werent enamoured by their ideology which was racist since its beginning. It was the ADMK which wielded more influence for the past 30 years punctuated with very short periods of DMK rule. And Karunanidhi's party got not more than 18- 20 % of popular approval in last year's election. The ADMK and other newer parties which have entered the plank recently are the one's still going strong. The DMK never had ideological support among the masses except perhaps certain wooly eyed old dravidians in chennai and few districts of south central TN. its a gross insult to all the TN people when karunanidhi blurted out repeatedly that entire TN is behind this project and that Ram is no more than a fictional character among tamilians inspite of pervasive historical evidences to the contrary. I only wish that the old wimp gain wisdom before he dies

srini said...

You are asking for too much - MK is incorrigible - I am hoping and praying that we get some decent leaders in TN - we are tired of the two (A)DMKs..Hope we do not get a MMsingh