Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Indians Increasingly Shunning Call Centres

Well, our big call centre boom may be in danger of fizzling out, as the infamously fickle Indians tire of it. Hopefully, the good news from it is that they're moving on to better opportunities. But meanwhile those businesses themselves are forced to outsource to other developing countries, thus propagating the trickledown economics elsewhere.

Note that the vast hinterland of unskilled Indians are being bypassed for foreign workers. They're doomed to be continually overlooked until India can get the blue collar revolution going. Otherwise they will continue to be marginalized and will continue to wail fruitlessly, and clamour for increasingly creative reservation arguments. Without a blue collar industrial boom, we're not going to penetrate their darkess or bring any light to it.


witan said...

OT — “Pseudo-Nobel” prize in Economics
The Pseudo-Nobel
The Statesman Edktorial, 18 October 2007
“Alfred Nobel created no prize for Economics. The prizes he willed were in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine/Physiology, Peace and Literature. A pseudo-Nobel prize in Economics has been given out for almost forty years now, paid for by the Bank of Sweden “in memory of Alfred Nobel” despite the apparent and quite understandable opposition of Nobel’s own descendants.”

Reconsider Amartya Sen’s Nobel prize in the light of the above.

nizhal yoddha said...

also, the economics nobel should really be called the "nobel prize for university of chicago economists". although i am in general a free-marketer, i find these guys to be a bit much. but out of all the prizes so far, i bet 75% have gone to the chicago school.

nizhal yoddha said...

i continue to disagree with san that salvation will come from factory jobs. some yes, mostly in light manufacturing with high engineering content, but *NOT* heaving industry. it ruins the land. let the chinese
ruin their land.

i reiterate again that agriculture and agribusiness is a core competency for us, although it is true that we have had a history of light manufacturing, steelmaking etc.