Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The great man speaketh

oct 3rd, 2007

and we vermin had better listen carefully to the words of wisdom.

expect sachin to be on a kaaangress ticket soon.

by the way, some former MP was just sentenced to death. was he a kaaangress MP? the news report i saw didn't specify. probably not: the kaaangress has ways of protecting its own murderers.

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From: vineet

The 'Jawaharlal Nehru of Indian Cricket' pontificates on borader topics !!
Most amusing !!
Sensing that retirement is round the corner, he's paving the ground for an
entry into politics, I reckon. Take a look.'I+dream+of+an+India+that+is+more+than+hope '



habc said...

most of these celebrities are just airheads - nehru was not an airhead - he was a vicious, unsporting, snooty, cunning suckup - he just had this deep seated desire from his British Public School days to bend over to anyone who was hard and powerful (in his eyes)

ot- since we were talking about TV coverage the other day here is some interesting news

Modi TV before poll

Doordarshan spurned him, so Narendra Modi has secured his own TV channel.

The Gujarat government has got technology company Inficast to float a channel, named Vande Gujarat, and rented it for the next three months during which the Assembly polls are expected to be held.

Since Monday, the channel has been airing government-sponsored programmes that hawk the chief minister’s achievements and try to answer his critics.

“We demonstrated what we are capable of. It did not take much to convince Modi’s team that an IP-based network is an effective medium,” said Malav Mehta, who runs the six-year-old company.

karyakarta92 said...

" the way, some former MP was just sentenced to death. was he a kaaangress MP? ............"

The MP/former MP, Anand Mohan Singh is currently associated with the Janata Dal (United). A goonda, he originally started off as an anti-Lallu entity and made his way from BPP-> Samata party -> JD(U) ->
RJD (lallu's party)-> Kaangress -> JD (U)

Kaunteya said...

What's wrong with Sachin's article?

And why compare him to Nehru...?