Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Collapse of Indo-US N-Deal

The Atlanticist mouthpieces are quick to gloat on the collapse of the Indo-US N-Deal. Well, I've previously often compared this N-Deal to the Dhabol Power Project. Because Dhabol was a deal that was heavily lobbied for by the US, with Cheney even doing some backroom negotiating with Sonia, and obtaining terms quite favourable for Enron. Then Shiv Sena came to power and threw out the deal. This set into motion the collapse of Enron, after CEO Rebecca Marx quit.

Similarly, Cheney & Co were a little cocky in the way they negotiated this deal, and took us for granted, even backsliding somewhat from the original July18 agreement. Now we see the result -- India is again pulling back from the deal. But what will be the ultimate fallout? A proportionally wider collapse of the entire geo-political agenda being pursued by the Bush admin?

I think there's going to be tremendous fallout for the Bush admin as a result of the collapse of this deal. But what will now happen to India? Will India possibly turn to the Russians, to negotiate a similar deal? I'm not really sure it's in Moscow's interest to, as it would antagonize China.


Harish said...

Look at this news
This is the kind of news that really pisses me off..
When people blow up bombs and kill people not one MP opens his mouth..
Yet they are busy kiling off the internet revolution in India with their idiotic laws and red tape..
Killing entreprenurship and the consequent wealth generation would be their greatest gift to a resurgent India..scum bags
I wont be surprised if the majority of these wise heads in the Standing commitee were from a certain party strong in just 2 states and dancing to the tunes of a foreign master..

habc said...

Why do we need to turn to anybody? we made it this far without turning to anybody. Its just a matter of 10,000 MW, in the larger scheme of things this is nothing.

Vinod_Sharma said...

My views are different. I think the Nuclear Deal is less about nuclear power and more about strategic nuclear military capability. Dr Manmohan Singh needs to be complimented for getting this deal exclusively for India. The US has not obliged us out of charity. They are concerned about the long term danger posed by the rise of China. We should be more concerned about it because, thanks to Nehru's Himalayan blunders, Chinese Army is virtually sitting on our head and the border dispute is nowhere near being solved. This deal will help us legitimately acquire the nuclear weapon capability to impose a credible check on any nefarious designs that the Chinese may have in future. Unfortunately our Left seems to have the well being of China above that of their own country. While they are loudly crying about the hegemonistic designs of the US, they are totally silent about China. Hope this deal goes through.