Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Christist Church funds study seeking DNA clues on homosexuality

".........study involved 98 gays 'seeking help' from Exodus International, a Christian group that believes homosexuals can become straight through prayer and counseling......"

More on the same topic as the preceding post.... This is hilarious.
Christists are so scared of sinning that they want to investigate whether the tendency to 'sin' is genetically predetermined !
What if the theory were to be proven true? Will the christist church collaborate in another of their most abhorred 'sins', namely abortion - of babies with gay DNA?
I think they're onto something here, though. Deviancy is likely encoded in the semitic DNA. After all, there is no historic account of a 'wide stance' in Indic tradition ever - other than in the hateful mythology of Witzel, Courtright et al.
Such debauchery made it's 'advent' on Indian soil, courtesy the Semitic death cults.
Based on that, I assert that genetic mutation is taking place in Indian christists with each successive generation that makes them predisposed to deviant behaviour.
Anand John's deviancy is no coincidence - his christist genes made him do it!

Oh and since the church is funding research into genetic programming as the cause
for 'sin', does it imply that the christists now accept the Darwinian theory of evolution? Or is it their contention that DNA is responsible only for 'sinful' things, whereas everything else is the creation of Yhweh.
Looks like the "fathers" are acknowledging, even if inadvertently that even they, the "fathers" know that christist dogma is nonsense.


siva said...


From your posting it is tough to understand your position. Are you mocking the ridiculous study or are you saying homosexuality is sin?

sands said...

sorry for being OFT check this whwn hindu guy marries muslim girl then how everybody becomes silent no CBIprobe etc

karyakarta92 said...

I'm mocking the study about gays that the perverted christist
"fathers" are funding, not being judgemental on homosexuality.

By the way, we should not be too harsh on the christist "fathers" alone. Christist "sisters" and "mothers" are no less perverted, the ghoul of calcutta being the biggest example. Ever wonder why christist women become nuns? It is because they are frustrated, being unable to find an outlet for their physical urges. It is no coincidence that the christist "sisters" are ugly as a rule. Just look at some of the kerala christist "sisters".

Either that or they are losers, "sisters" who conceive sinfully, then become lifelong whores for jesus - going to the extent of stagemanaging "rapes" to fabricate lies about persecution by Hindu nationalists.

From personal experience, I can tell you I've never seen a single christist nun who was attractive
in any manner. Tell me - which Hindu would ever force himself upon these stinking, unhygienic nuns?

It is only the christist clergy who are obsessed with sexual debauchery. Their Bible is full of
such depraved orgies. They even had a whole kingdom of debauchery, Sodom - therein "Sodomy"

karyakarta92 said...

"Tell me - which Hindu would ever force himself upon these stinking, unhygienic nuns? "

Not that I would endorse forcing
oneselves on hygienic nuns or any woman, BTW.....

Just illustrating my point of christist nuns faking it.