Thursday, October 04, 2007

australian wheat unfit for human consumption?

oct 4th, 2007

i heard that the wheat bought at high prices from australia is of abysmal quality.

remember all our arguments here about agriculture? san, where are you? at the end of the day, there is nothing like food security. we cannot live without it.

these racist aussie thugs and the corrupt politician/middlemen ought to be lined up and shot.


karyakarta92 said...

The UPA is compromising India's security interests whether it pertains to defense, demography or food security. It is uncanny that
you should post this while I was thinking about a related topic, namely India's agrarian history.

It is extremely annoying that credit for domestication of grain, vegetables is never attributed to the Indic civilization.

For example, the prevalent agrarian mythology holds that coffee came from Arabia, Tomatoes from Portugal etc.

This wikipedia entry mentions the origins of various vegetables used in Indian cooking. I find all this hard to believe given India's flourishing pastoral/agrarian history going back to the dawn of mankind.

This study claims that Lentils (Daal) were first domesticated in Greece! Another study claims that Wheat was first cultivated in the middle east and came to India much later. CSIR and other institutions like M.S Swaminathan center need to research this from a Hindu perspective, correlating such claims with Vedic literature.

Back to the immediate topic, why does India need to import low quality christist Australian wheat when Indian farmers are committing suicide unable to bear the debt burden? Note that the price per tonne of christist wheat is more than double the Minimum support price offered to Indian farmers.

The elements of poverty, hunger and destitution of Indians point to an imperialist conspiracy to exploit our vulnerability in terms of food security.

Importing low quality christist Yankee wheat in the past, by way of PL-480 grants has contributed to lowering national dignity and introduced the Parthenium weed to Indian soil. Parthenium weed is also called "Congress grass", incidentally because of it's appearance - white flowers evoking nostalgia about white Nehru caps!
The similarity is actually much deeper.

Congress rule is synonymous with shortages, particularly food shortages. Kaangress throttles other ideologies and genuine democracy like a weed parasitically monopolises resources to prevent growth of other plants. The Public distribution system was historically controlled by Congress party workers. I remember the "Ration shop" in our locality used to be run by a Congressman.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that the Wheat import scam is happening under the Kaangress.

Shahryar said...

Shouldn't the Aussies convert grain unsuitable for food into biofuel?