Wednesday, October 10, 2007

asha/aid/foil speaks through sonia

oct 10, 2007

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From: Narayan

Hi Rajeev,

Look at Sonia's remark to Overseas Indians. Comment extrated from Rediff. You know what that means, most overseas Indians donate to causes like Ekal Vidyalaya and pro indian NGO's. She knows that very well and wants them to double check before donating to Hindu causes. I can only think that would be the reason as, historically the money that came from overseas was used for evangelisation activities and with the growth of the Indian hindu diaspora  some of the donations are going for Hindu causes. So hence her concern.

"Sonia thanks Indian-Americans
October 2, 2007
Sonia said that it was gratifying to see that a large number of Indian Americans are supporting social causes in India through NGOs in areas like education and rural development. But she cautioned that expatriate Indians should double check before parting with their money for such causes.



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karyakarta92 said...

"......cautioned that expatriate Indians should double check before parting with their money for such causes........"

Expatriate Indians should indeed be cautious before donating a single cent to the anti-national, anti-Hindu, fascist,
ASHA/AID/FOIL/FOSA thugs. Ditto for christian wolves in sheep's clothing who're everywhere nowadays. It is extremely irritating to see advertisements/solicitations for donation by WORLD VISION, a christist organisation on all Indian web portals. These anti-national elements have the audacity to solicit funds from *Hindus* to enslave and destroy their own nation and culture.
The ASHA scoundrels are particularly successful in recruiting many gullible fools for their seditious cause. ASHA is another semitic cult with the devious Sandeep Pandey as their prophet. As with other semitic cults, any expose of their prophet's chicanery and the philandering of their missionary footsoldiers is met with hateful propaganda against Hindu organizations. I consider it our Dharmic duty to counter the ASHA traitors.