Tuesday, October 09, 2007

the ad saying mk gandhi /== sonia gandhi

oct 9th, 2007

on this site you can find the nytimes ad placed by a group of NRIs that is getting the 'vaishnavite center for enlightenment', FIACONA, and all the other villains' knickers in a twist.

i suppose they haven't heard of the First Amendment in the US, guaranteeing freedom of the press? they are still thinking (like our good friend jaichand pallekonda and son) that they live in india, where their brute force can intimidate all media or they can buy it off with small amounts of cash.

'vaishnavite center' is run by a communist who got an award from mohammedans!

the original ad and an image of the ad that actually appeared can be downloaded from this website. enjoy!

whether or not what they say about sonia gandhi is accurate, it is a fact that they have the right to say it.

(let me add that blogs are not public media, and it is perfectly legitimate to kick nuisances off blogs. this is known as "moderation". i say this pre-emptively.)

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