Thursday, August 02, 2007

Obama Threatens to Strike Pakistan

Barack Obama has brought Pakistan's role in international terrorism front and center in the US electoral debate, by threatening to attack targets in Pakistan without its consent.


raman said...

so now we love obama. enemy's enemy is my friend

slim_shady said...

do we really? he hates outsourcing and pakistan. i'm confused...

karyakarta92 said...

I don't fall for this showboating.
Barrack Hussein Obama is just playing to the gallery, like his campaign folks were earlier in attacking Hillary Clinton's India connections. India is a very convenient target for any american politician or mediaperson (like Lou Dobbs) to rally trailer trash.
Besides, it was Obama who introduced an amendment to the Hyde act; a dubious "deal" to begin with, to preclude stockpiling of a strategic nuclear fuel reserve by India, driving the last nail in our coffin so to speak.

Pakistan deserves no mercy.
But, Obama is a phoney and we should not derive any gratification from his phoney statements.

Harish said...

i dont know why one shud start loving or hating US presidential candidate after a speech here or a wink there.

As we all know, Americans only worry about taking care of their national interests (and rightfully so)...They are not here to help us in dealing with Pakistan..Certainly Obama had no India in his mind when he made that statement..

Lets keep away from our favorite pass time of starting to love or hate American leaders (earlier it was Russians) at the drop of the hat..

IMHO, from an Indian persepctive it is wise to be cynical of American leadership.

raman said...

Regds the "playing to the galley" can't help but notice how different it is here in India. Politicians play to the gallery here also but in a different way. Read this from the Deccan Chronicle. Makes u sick. Makes u wish we had Obama's in Inda. :

Congress celebrates Mahdani release
Chennai, Aug. 2: Stunned by the court freeing the leader of the People’s Democratic Party, Abdul Nasser Mahdani, holding that the charges against him, quite serious in nature, were not proved, the prosecution is ‘eagerly’ awaiting the release of the judgement copy to decide on its next move. However, both the ruling Left front and the Opposition Congress in Kerela rejoiced the release of the radical hoping he would deliver the minority votes to them; in fact, they had both actively campaigned for his freedom for a long time.
“We have given sufficient materials to the court to prove the four charges against Mahdani. We do not know why the judge was not satisfied. We will see when the judgement copy is made available. We will know the grounds then. After that, it is up to the State government to take the decision whether to go on appeal or not,” said the Special Public Prosecutor T. Balasundaram, who had conducted the marathon case right from its beginning at the Special Court in Coimbatore way back in 1998. The Kerala Muslim leader had been charged with, among others, hatching conspiracy (120-B, conspiracy) and supplying explosives for the Coimbatore serial blasts that had killed 58 and maimed over 250 while targeting the BJP leader L. K. Advani on an electioneering trip on February 14, 1998. Special Judge K. Uthirapathy in his verdict on Wednesday held that the prosecution failed to prove its charges.
Prosecutor Balasundaram told this newspaper that the judgement copy would be available on the day when the judge would convict the last of the accused, Siddique Ali of Melapalayam in Kerala, numbered 167 in the list, within a few days after starting delivering the individual punishments on August 16. He said he was convinced he had done a good job in assimilating the voluminous evidence and documents—-1785 documents marked as evidence, 1300 witnesses, over 15,000 pages of investigation records; in all, 52 kilos of papers—-and conducting the case through three different governments.
There were some short gaps in his service as the new governments sought to bring in their own prosecutors but quickly reversed that after being told by the police investigators that he was doing a good job. However, in the case of Mr Madhani and his four associates released by the court, it appears that the prosecutor’s efforts have failed.
It is interesting to recall that both the Congress and the Communist parties in Kerala had strongly campaigned for Mr Madhani’s release, eager to bank on the PDP’s growing influence in the Muslim-dominated Malapuram area. His party was considered to have a significant share of an estimated 25 per cent of Kerala’s population.
The Kerala Congress chief Ramesh Chennithala has now demanded that the Marxist apologise to Mr Madhani, since it was the earlier Left government of E. K. Nayanar, which had handed over the innocent Muslim leader to the Tamil Nadu police to languish in the Coimbatore jail for nine years. For its part, the Marxist-led government celebrated the PDP chief’s release, with three of its senior ministers sharing the dais with him at a public reception held Thursday on the Shankumugam beach in Thiruvananthapuram.