Thursday, August 09, 2007

communism and fascism/nazism: brothers in arms

aug 9th, 2007

i have been saying this for some time: see my column

this historian seems to agree, or at least so claims the economist, NATO's mouthpiece:

but i found the following paragraph eerie and ominous. this is what is going on in india now. the fascists of the kaangress and the communist parties are indulging in 'consensus dictatorship', constantly testing the boundaries of what they can get away with:

-- the constitutional coups in bihar, jharkhand, and most recently in goa
-- the election of a new president under the most opaque circumstances
-- the grabbing of power by unelected and unelectable people including the communists
-- manmohan singhs' declaration (unconstitutional, violating the principle of equality under the law for all citizens) that "resources in india should be first and foremost for mohammedans"
-- the attack on taslima nasreen
-- the cross on the 2-rupee coin
-- the destruction of the rama sethu
-- the attacks on hindu temples everywhere, including sabarimala, tirupati, kanchi, guruvayoor

the opposition is demoralized and not offering systematic resistance.

we are heading for a fascist, nazi state. that is, if we are not already there.

Hitler looked on Soviet methods with contempt. His model was what Mr Gellately calls "consensus dictatorship": cautious, sounding out public opinion and changing course when necessary. Unlike Stalin, Hitler did not make a habit of murdering his closest allies. The Nazi party never experienced the ritual purges that were a habitual feature of Soviet Communist Party life under Stalin. Hitler's adversaries were so demoralised by the seeming success of his regime that few offered systematic resistance. It was only as defeat loomed in the last months of the war that ordinary Germans had a taste of the official paranoia that had been their Soviet counterparts' daily fare for 25 years.


Ghost Writer said...

While I agree with the parallel you have drawn with Hitler's Germany and Kangress's India - I cannot help but laught at the economist.

What is a perfectly good platform (critique of Communism) in the end becomes their latest fetish - Putin bashing. Think about it - Putin hates us; Putin said Stalin was not all bad - ergo - Putin is Stalin-II

The has-been power - the Limeys are going down the toilet with their noses in the air.

karyakarta92 said...

>>the opposition is demoralized and not offering systematic resistance. <<

Indeed, the Hindu nationalists & Hinduism itself are under a siege since the election defeat of 2004.
The BJP is succumbing to the diabolical propaganda of the secularvadis & surrendering without contest to the political standards of Nehruvian Stalinists.
This is very ominous for the future of Hindu civilization.

anand said...

Nazis and communists > brothers in arms...well, have you heard the sanskrit shloka 'yaachako yaachakam drishtva / shwaanavat gurguraayate' >> beggars when they see each other / snarl at each other like a pair of dogs (over the same piece of meat)?