Monday, August 06, 2007

khmer rouge mass-murderer becomes born-again christist! how appropriate!

aug 6th, 2007

most appropriately, one of the worst mass-murderers in recent history
has become a born-again christist. as the yanks say, "same
difference". these semitic types are all the same.

i went to the tuol sleng prison (a former school in phnom penh) where
they tortured, extracted confessions from, and condemned to death tens
of thousands. they kept meticulous records, and i saw the photographs
of hundreds of people, staring at the camera, soon before they were
carted off to the killing fields to dig their own graves and then be
killed with a blow to the base of the spine. there were a few indians
and other foreigners as well in the row after row of black and white
photographs (morituri te salutanti, from the roman gladiators: we who
are about to die, salute you).

at the killing fields, there were special trees against which the
khmer rouge cadre would swing babies and toddlers by their legs,
dashing their brains out on the tree. i saw these too, and the
graveyards full of tiny bones.

yes, the communist fanatics were just like the christist fanatics who
murdered millions in the gas chambers, jews, gypsies, et al. so it's
an easy transition to be 'born again christist'.


karyakarta92 said...

christism = muhammedanism - muhammad

marxism = christism - christ

western liberalism = marxist - marx/mao

Dravidianism = Dalitism =
Phoney Indian secularism = ASHA/AIDS/FOIL/FOSA Jholawallahism
= a partial derivative of all of the above

Sameer said...

Ha Ha...
Excellently said...

Well derived equation....