Saturday, August 25, 2007

May the souls of the slaughtered innocent Hindus of Hyderabad rest in peace...

May their deaths not go in vain. May the evil of Islam be destroyed from the face of the earth. May a future Govt. of India take the fight to Pakistan & Bangladesh and settle it once and for all.

Bangladesh's Huji behind Hyderabad blasts


slim_shady said...

When there was no government response for the affluent 300 from Mumbai, I have great doubts as to any meaningful government response for the middle-class 30 from Hyderbad. Oh well, yet another reason for Indians to live in fear in India itself.

As icing on the cake, our FM says "India was never a rich country".

Uddharet said...

Whenever there is a terrorist attack or a "natural" disaster, the Chief Ministers, Ministers and Union Ministers make a beeline for the site, not only for advertising their hypocritical "concern" but for deriving ghoulish enjoyment by viewing the gory scenes. It is not sites of bomb blasts alone, but includes areas hit by floods ("Minister surveyed the flood-affected areas from the air"), earthquakes, tsunami, etc. It is all a particularly vicious form of schadenfreude.

By their uninvited, unwanted and undesirable intrusion, these persons get in the way of rescue efforts and police investigations.

sands said...

now i knw its funny to ask abt the wherabouts of teesta ,shabana and co i can "UNDERSTAND " if blast takes place in Mumbai coz there is shiva sena and in gujarat of course there is u knw who :-)but what spin can teesta nd shabana put on this its hyderabad for heaven sake ..secular territory !!!

gopinath said...

Exactly my thoughts Rajeev
I dont care who kills the bastard Islamists, lets support them. We know we hindus cannot do such dastardly acts, so atleast lets stand up and support whoever is willing to kill these morons.

Santhosh said...

The blast location at Gokul Chat Bhandar, Koti in Hyderabad is a popular place for students to get new and used books. I am deeply disturbed by the incident, having been to this place pretty often.

Surprisingly, when I spoke to my folks in Hyderabad, they seem to be desensitized to the whole thing. My friends and relatives simply said that their lives have to go on and that they can't live in such fear.
Then we have RAKHI coming ahead and immediately discussed the kind of gifts to exchange !!

If scaring the masses is one of the objectives, the terrorists can promptly strike it off their list. Sad to say that, most of the common folk in India have learnt to live with such blatant acts.

Anoop's Blog said...

This was bound to happen in Hyderabad. I visited Hyderabad last September. I was staying with my brother who lives lane next to Chikkadpally Police Station at RTC X Roads. Several times during the day, I would pass by the police station. There is no security, no sentry to guard the PS. Also, we went to Medchal, on the way back there are no police checks and this was during heightened security during PWG threat. I was telling my brother, there should be police every where as a deterrent for various anti social elements... I guess, pampering of certain groups and political parties will cause this tragedy over and over again.. I am sure, MIM MLAs are right there to riot again like they did after blast at Mecca Masjid, but then again, most of the people died yesterday were Hindus so who cares to riot, right?

Chatrapath said...

I see some anger but I think it is misplaced. I am not minimizing the tragedy and the loss of life.

We have to think...what is the source of our problems. It's not all external. We have to look among Hindus and we'll find plenty of traitors. I can guarantee, when the blast went off, the first priority of the govt would have been the PRECIOUS DYNASTY! How stupid are we? We are accepting the reassurances of Samuel Reddy who takes millions of dollars from southern baptists and who is actively working against India from his paid off perch in AP.

We have to look within our OWN community first for all the traitors---

1. How did an uneducated NON-citizen become the most powerful person in the country? This is someone who answers to No one in India, but bowed before the Pope! How did 900 million people allow such a thing to happen? could an uneducated Hindu woman who married into the Bush family wield this much power in America?

2. Why is it despite the strong rupee, Infosys refuses to buy CapGemini? It's because they are waiting for their masters in London who bankrolled Infy to give their orders.

3. How is Samuel Reddy allowed to demolish hundreds of Hindu temples and still retain his office?

4. How could a stupid law like Article 370 be passed under the noses of a billion people? Could it be that a foreign power with its capital in London wants to keep the knife of Kashmir between India and Pakistan and they have bankrolled the key members of the Indian Parliament?

If someone betrays you one time it's their fault. If it happens again it's YOUR fault.

This horrible act was done by muslim terrorists, but why did they feel they could act without impunity? Whose fault is that? It's OUR fault. How could a half-starved nation like Bangladesh feel like they could do something like this? What kind of pressure is India putting on Bangladesh to stop this shit?

Why is it that whenever the US wants Pak to do something, they make a phone call and tell the Pak army to shoot their own civilians and THEY OBEY!

If a Bangladeshi did this in the US, the US would make a phone call and within one hour, the regime in Bangladesh would have been changed through the barrel of a gun.


If Pak does not, the US will stop giving loans to Pak and Pak will disintegrate into many tiny pieces.

We need to clean our own house before we talk a big game about "finishing the job". Most of all, we Indians better start thinking big. This is our biggest problem. We play the role of victims really well, but when it comes to solving the problem, we just brush it under the rug---yes, we'll take all your blows...see how we still smile?

This is no victory.

ramesh said...

Rajeev u forget to add “and may see a day when India will rid of the shit & scum like the arundhati roys, ngos, mf hussains, the khushwant singhs, setalvads, all those bastards who go and light candles in wagah (I wonder whether they plan to light candles in hyderabad), kuldip nayars, the arpana & amrtya sens / gulzars /shabana azmis, the guhas & romila thapars, those damned gandhians, Paki like Brits like dalrymple, the mulayams, the dravidians, those urdu spouting politicians like IK Gujral with all their useless nostalgia about Lahore and muslim yaar – dost, etc. etc., etc.”

Abhishek Rajpurohit said...

Its all the more shocking to observe the State Govt. not interested in coming up with strict anti-terrorist acts to curb the rising terrrorism in this beautiful city, ...

Would we learn something from the Black Saturday for Hyderabad ??

ramesh said...

Guess whtas upper most in the minds of Times of India these days. The terrorist attack in Hyderbad. Nope. Its Sallu's arrest. Tday's headline: Poaching case: Salman fails to get bail.
And on the day the paper made the announcement on the bomb blast, there wre two headlines. The bigger one -- u guessed right -- Sallu's arrest.
Such is the state of Indian mainstream media these days.I cant imagine even the most slutty Western tabaloid putting the news of a terrorist attack on their soil on the same wavelenght as say, Paris Hilton's arrest. And the TOI is one of India's oldest newspapers. Kill away boys, all we'll do is debate on Sallu's jail diet.