Saturday, August 04, 2007

Modi helps Gujarat farmers dramatically increase their income over past 5 years



TallIndian said...

The decision to deny Modi a visa to enter the U. S. will was GOP pandering to their missionary wing.

sands said...

I Knw this OFT but i get feeling of deja vu now our media forgets Col Vasanth noo sir Testa no shabana no harsha mader no candle lights here coz col vasanth laid down his life fighting for india in kashmir last week n sad part whoz there were more journos in bangalore to cover haneef homecoming than to cover this story of col vasanth all lost amid sanjay n hannef case we are really unique breed of people

sands said...

i cant stop laughing sorry for the Off the topis itema just check out latest issue of TIME mag on india’s 60th year of independnce there in one small section link is here i hope it works,28804,1649060_1649046_1649032-4,00.html
one gent says this he really says this Still, many South Asian Muslims insist Islam is the one and only force that can bring the subcontinent together and return it to preeminence as a single whole. “We [Muslims] were the legal rulers of India, and in 1857 the British took that away from us,” says Tarik Jan, a gentle-mannered scholar at Islamabad’s Institute of Policy Studies. “In 1947 they should have given that back to the Muslims.” Jan is no militant, but he pines for the golden era of the Mughal period in the 1700s, and has a fervent desire to see India, Pakistan and Bangladesh reunited under Islamic rule.

hahahaha i thougth we are SECULAR INDIAN REPUBLICE it gives two moments of comic relief !!!