Thursday, August 30, 2007

oh joy, we'll have virgin ironpants herself to deal with

aug 30th, 2007

that's the name rushdie gave benazir in perhaps his most penetrating book, the one about pakistan, 'shame'.

so now we may have to deal with her; and in many ways, old musharraf is better. he is at least a dependable villain. the woman is unpredictable, shrill, prone to tantrums, and, when she feels like it, quite charming. the kuldip nayar-manmohan singh types will practically swoon over her uttering some silly urdu couplet.

yes, time to send muthuvel karunanidhi to pakistan as ambassador -- which would solve two problems at one stroke. a) the blighted 'dravidian' business will lose a little steam; b) the urdu couplets will have no effect.

actually it might be even better to send j jayalalithaaa as ambassador to pakistan. the virgin ironpants will have a hissy fit.

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