Friday, August 17, 2007

George Fernandes lashes out

The ever interesting ex-Defence Minister George Fernandes lashes out at Shikhandi Singh.
In his hallmark style, George pulls no punches -- noting that had the National Premier in China committed such an act of treason, he would have had to pay for it with his life!

"What has emerged is that the prime minister of the country has betrayed the nation by continuous bluffing, something unbecoming of the head of the government," Fernandes, who was part of the NDA government, said in a statement.

"If it were China, they would have settled it with one bullet in his head," the maverick veteran politician said in the statement sent to Reuters on Friday.

This, along with Shourie's article is a welcome return to form from an otherwise lackadaisical NDA. Speaking of the NDA, they have been rather ineffective as opposition; the UPA has committed so many blunders, that tearing them apart on a daily basis should have been very very easy.


srikanth said...

What happens if there is an election tomorrow, because Congress decides to go to people asking for their support for the Nuclear Deal and they win the elections? (because by the looks of it, it appears that they are caught between the devil and the deep sea; they can not renege on the issue now without losing their face and fresh polls is the only way they can save their face) Can we conclude then that people of India are so wise that they have understood the implications of the Deal and have given the go-ahead to the Congress? Or do we settle for the conclusion that the people of this country get the fate they deserve?

witan said...

Shikhandi was a redoubtable female warrior. She would not have been cowed by the likes of George Bush. ...
No need to say anything more.

ab said...

Even in India we should put a bullet through his head along with sonia , arjun and patil the bankchor.

TallIndian said...

I am not well versed in Indian political machinations.

But it appears that the Maoists don't want this treaty 'operationalized'.

If they withdraw support -- will there be a new election or can the Leftists parties along with the DMK run as a minority govt.?

srikanth said...

I think it’s Sonia who is pulling the strings, as far as the Indo-US Nuclear Deal is concerned. Still, it is not clear why the so-called intellectual like Manmohan Singh is hell bent to push the Deal through, even though he knows it is against the interests of his mother land. May be it’s the fear of losing the PM’s seat.

Indians have slavish mentality and they don’t hesitate to sell their country. Indian history is replete with many instances of treachery and treason. We can understand how the British or the Mughals have been able to subjugate this country for so many centuries. Seeing people like Pranab, Singhvi, Das Munsi et al. (funny that Aiyar and Soni are silent these days!) defend the Deal so passionately makes you think how so many like-minded people have gravitated towards the Congress party like iron filings towards the magnet.