Monday, August 13, 2007

On Terroristan's 60th anniversary...

In its miserable 60 years of existence, Pakistan has heaped untold horrors on our countrymen. In absolute numbers, India has been the biggest victim of terrorism in the world, thanks mainly to the Pakis. Every major & minor incident of Islamic terrorism in the world can be directly linked to Pakistan. Pakistan is a state which is neither at peace with itself nor with the outside world.

Its high time Pakistan's misery is put to an end for our own good. So I pray for the complete destruction of Terroristan on its 60th anniversary.


siva said...

Well tell that to the bloody shameless idiot ManMORON Singh who keeps mouthing inanities like “peace process will not be derailed at any cost” while his fellow countrymen are slaughtered day in and day out. This guy has no honor or dignity.

On top of it he clubs Indians with Pakis while pontificating to Brits. First of all who in their right mind would voluntarily identify themselves with Pakis and second who will listen to such a moron.

What have Indians wrought on themselves by electing this government? To quote Rajini’s famous words even god cannot save India if it does not throw these morons out at their first chance.

sands said...

that dude yogendra yadav has gone completly jobless these dayz after his numerous state of nation poll now he is conducting indo-pak joint poll with good frd and fellow comarade rajdeep and barka has gone to dubai to conduct debate on kashmir with pakis