Tuesday, August 07, 2007

India in a nuclear trap: Bharat Karnad

Manmohan Singh has struck a beggar’s bargain, by taking whatever was offered to him

Bharat Karnad slams Shikhandi Singh for wilfully tying India in knots.


san said...

Well, "only Nixon can go to China" -- and Unmanlymohan Singh definitely does not have the Nixon national-security credentials.

To me, it's looking more and more like this deal may have to end up like Dhabol power project -- a deal hastily rigged between Dick Cheney and Sonia Gandhi, which only fell apart the moment the opposing Shiv Sena came to power. It was this reversal which kicked off the worldwide collapse of the overconfident Enron. We may see the US neocons suffering a similar fate.

TallIndian said...

Now wait just a minute. The Pro-Chinese Karat faction have come out against this treaty.

Surely that means the treaty is good for India?

KapiDhwaja said...

Nope TallIndian, the Pro-Chinese communist traitors are singing the same tune as the Kaangress.

So if the Left supports the deal inspite of all the loud noise & drama they enacted before, then definitely the deal is BAD for India.

TallIndian said...

Not according to the 'Hindu'

The Left parties on Tuesday said they were “unable to accept” the 123 agreement in the context of the “burgeoning strategic alliance” with the United States, and asked the Government not to operationalise it.


Looks as if Manmohan goes ahead with this, his government falls.

karyakarta92 said...

Shikhandi MMS has built an entire sarkari career serving the incumbent "Master". A lifelong socialist - he is wrongly credited with economic reform in India, which should rightly be attributed to the late P.V Narasimha Rao.
After pleasing his master, Sonia to occupy the Prime minister's office, he is now working for the ultimate masters - the American
"sarkar". What could he possibly be aspiring to? A U.N Secretary General position or a Nobel prize?
Whatever crumbs the Yanks may throw his way, Shikhandi MMS will always be remembered as one of the greatest traitors in Indian history, on par with Jaichand etc
for selling the nation's hard won

srikanth said...

The support comes from the most unlikely sources at critical times. Once upon a time, it was Mulayam Singh, who averted the danger of Sonia becoming the PM. Now it is the left and VP Singh, who are opposing the Nuclear Deal. I hope that the left will at the least do a favour to the nation at this juncture by not adopting their usual ‘bark-yes-bite-no’ approach.

Already, noises are being made in the US, that the Bush administration has yielded a lot to India in this regard. It will become a roar, if the 123 agreement goes to the US for amendments, under fervent opposition in India. The nuclear Deal will then get a decent burial.

AGworld said...

Left opposition is an example of a bad apple sometimes doing good.

the reason they dont want it (call it america allergy, if you will) may not be the smartest, but the outcome is highly desirable.

Time for some 'neer-ksheer vivek' -- national interest (no to 123) comes first -- support the left on this then (on an outcomes basis).

srikanth said...

What is Manmohan Singh upto, as regards the Nuclear Deal? Why is he rushing into the agreement with the US, without taking the public or the opposition into confidence? He is acting like the spokesman of the Bush administration. Has he got any hidden agenda? Of course this a far-fetched theory, but is he intent on punishing the whole nation this way for the Operation Bluestar?