Monday, August 06, 2007

multinational pharma firm foiled in landmark patent case

aug 6th, 2007

this is good. pharma companies whine far too much about their
intellectual property while happily making monopoly profits. also,
they never pay attention to tropical diseases, preferring to look at
white-people diseases of affluence.


Harish said...

A brilliant speech from Bill Gates at Harvard.. Its long.. but well worth the time

Go guys..lets change the world for better..!! :-)

I know many of u guys here are not big fans of this man.. Steve Jobs and cool Apple gadegts win hands down over dour Microsoft's products..Bill Gates is the archetypical engineer, great at solving problems but many a time not good at communicating..He admitted that himself in one of those famous meetings with Steve Jobs..I still remember his meeting with John Stewart in The Daily Show before Vista launch where he looked so uncomfortable..

But the way Bill Gates has re-invented himself is amazing. In his current avatar as the world's biggest philanthrophist he sure as a hell teaches a lesson or two to India's super rich fat cats..

ab said...

Other than the fat cats, even if 300 million middle class Indians engage in philanthropy, we can make the lives of atleast another 300 million better.We can 1000 times more than any rich man.

but it is only the rich who must be philanthropic, to pay for the heinous crime of being rich. It doest matter that they burnt their blood earning it while we were busy catching up with the latest SRK flick. They should run companies, help in building roads , airports, schools and hospitals,become presidents, embrace the poor, uplift low castes, be more honest and law abiding than any living Indian, be patriotic even if they owe their success to UK. In other words, they are Gods, while we are not answerable to anyone.

I think while what the richest man in the world is doing is laudable, societies are not built by rich people but by many, many kinds of people.