Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bin Laden's shadow in Hyderabad

Bin Laden's shadow in Hyderabad
Of course - that Bin Laden has a shadow that extends to Hyderabad is no surprise. However, I thought B Raman wrote in his memoirs that the 'radicalisation' of the Indian Ummah is a post Babri phenomenon. No? Or perhaps this blast is Taslima inspired no doubt.
Other such Dhimmi nonsense must be exposed and refuted. By the way - no candle light vigils by the usual suspects? Did not see much of breast-beating from those whose world is shattered by "police killing" of one Sohrabuddin Sheikh in Gujarat.

Of course not. The killers are Mohammedan here - hence it is part of their 'human rights' to kill others. No one except Mohammedans have 'human rights' in India. no change that - every else has the human right to die.


TallIndian said...

I thought they Muslims in Hyderabad were almost entirely Shia and hence would more likely have pictures of the Ayatollah that bin Laden.

Sage said...
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habc said...


There is discussion on this blog with one or two germans participating - very enlightening especially a guy called Albert. Always good to know thy enemy;)