Monday, August 13, 2007

Indians Predated Newton's Work by 250 Years

Mathematicians in Kerala are found to have preceded Sir Isaac Newton's work in infinite series for calculus by at least 250 years.


siva said...

When are we going to teach this in our schools. Wait that would be “saffronisation” of education according to India’s stupid SICKcularists.

The Confused Orient said...

How about 'Bodayana sutra', what we all have learnt as Pythagoras Theorem;

The sages while performing Yagna; had realized or whatever that the same concept that is stated in the Pythagoras theorem. And every Indian kid is made to believe Pythagoras is the father of Geometry.

Acharya Madhwa some 9centuries ago has written a lot about aNu – Atom; many such secrets are reflected in Taittariya and Ishavasya Upanishads and many more sources. Weren’t they preceding the ‘discoveries’ of 19 and early 20th century?

Where is the end to this? I think the problem is not with the west denying India its due credence, but with we Indians who seem to lack faith and pride in our own roots and we are bad at reading history aren’t we? We read Indian history written by …, its preposterous.