Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mesh Networking for Multicore Chips

The problem of congestion in cross-communication as microchips become increasingly multi-core has been addressed by a new type of mesh-networking architecture that allows for scalability. Tilera's new multicore design heralds the future of microprocessing.


Sameer said...

Rajeev and others..
The terrorists have again attacked Hyderabad..
They attacked Gokul chat bhandar and Limbini park.

These are very popular places here in Hyderabad

drisyadrisya said...

Terrorism will stop ONLY the day a substantial number of Muslims realize that they are also " victims of Islam " and either re write the Quran or mass convert out of it..

Shahryar said...

India ’s Human Resources Development Minister Arjun Singh giving the Saudis permission to build 4000+ madrasas in India is not going to help Muslims realise that they are victims of Arab imperialism.