Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Deliberate neglect of security driving terror -- Ajit Doval

Great article from the Spindian Express.

Spindian because they claim that terrorism is growing in India because of "error".

Doval, however, is quite categorical that this is not the case.
It [effective anti-terrorism] is not happening because a basic requirement is missing: a political culture that can subordinate electoral and other political considerations to the nation’s supreme sovereign interests. This requires the political will and ability to carry the whole country together. If the nation fails to do so, it may face many Hyderabads, and worse.
Emphasis added.

Translated into English: Manmohan has muzzled and tied the hands of law enforcement agencies.
Ostensibly so that he can sleep at night -- he gets restless when the "ugly cops" interrogate the "innocent" mothers of "hapless, misguided" terrorists, remember?

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