Monday, August 06, 2007

India and the Jihadist Pit

Good article from Stratfor, with interesting predictions. They forecast that Indian jihadists are increasingly shifting into transnationalist jihad, as Pakistani control over them breaks down.


sansk said...

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karyakarta92 said...

If "Muslim Indians" are indeed getting drawn into international jihad, that may not necessarily be as terrible as it sounds. After all, that would divert their attention from targets within India. If they have not done this already, it is because they have the freedom to loot, rape and kill Hindus at India with no fear of repercussions. Therefore, it would be illogical for them to attack westerners which is guaranteed to have consequences.

Yet, we have the much venerated
"spymasters" minimizing, if not negating the fanaticism of muslims in India.

Here is spymaster B. Raman on Outlook, expressing pride in Muslim Indians for indulging in jihad within India only.
And this in a critique of the Indo-US nuclear deal. This is BS. These are all the wrong reasons to oppose the "deal". I had expressed the hope (on a separate thread) that the Mulayams & Paswans would use this twisted logic to stall the deal. It escapes me why Raman is parroting this line, unless he is practicing some of his spooky craft by seeding the secular rage against the deal.

"The American Hug, The Chinese Frown"


"It is ........ important to ensure that our pursuit of close relations with the US ............ do not create wrong perceptions of India in the minds of other countries such as China, in the Islamic world and in our own Muslim community, which has made us proud by keeping away from pan-Islamism and the global jihad of Al Qaeda brand."

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