Saturday, August 04, 2007

Korean Missionaries Arouse Controversy

The predicament of the Korean missionaries in Afghanistan seems to have triggered rising anger against South Korea's aggressively expanding Christian Churches.

Seattle Times: SKoreans Question Missionaries' Mission

What, no outrage, a la Graham Staines? Where are all the activists?
When it's Muslims attacking the missionaries, apparently such feelings are outmoded.

WSJ: Missionaries Go from East to West

"It's not about competition ... . I think missionaries are sharing because they have boldness," says Kim Hee-chan, who works at the Middle East Team, a group that helps organize missionaries.

Well apparently they're finding out that the Taliban have boldness too. Xeno's Paradox: Irresistible Force vs Immovable Object. Who will win? Maybe the 69% of unconverted Koreans.


Harish said...

I think South Koreans are pretty much following the rule.

A convert into Semitic religion is more religious than the converters themselves!!!...

We see it all the time in India amidst the neo(w)-converts who proselytise with a zeal that might turn original evangelizers to shame...!!!

slim_shady said...

The Independent article seemed the hardest hitting, while the Seattle Times and WSJ articles didn't seem to be critical of why those people were in a war-torn country in the first place.

karyakarta92 said...

The Taliban's slaughter of these Korean missionaries is unfortunate.
But, the Koreans brought it upon themselves. I mean, what were they thinking, going to Afghanistan & evangelizing to the TALIBAN ?
This is the equivalent of suicide.
But, I'm ok with Korean missionaries going to Afghanistan or any other Muslim country. Actually, it would be wonderful if
they could take the Indian John Dayal types with them too on these missions.
That would contribute to peaceful
co-existence of Hindus and
non-evangelical Christians in India whom I have no problem with.