Monday, August 20, 2007

what a fart this guha is!

aug 20th, 2007

in addition to his 'history of cricket', here he is belly-aching about the problems (alleged) of mohammedans in india. yet, he is the one who had to be afraid of his life as a hindu in lahore, which we must remember was a hindu-sikh majority city at partition! not too many mohammedans are afraid to explicitly shout about their identities in india -- see the millions wearing caps and beards and burkas in india.

and the problems of mohammedans crying 'discrimination' is the defining problem in india now? not the chance to regain super-power-dom? not the opportunity to end poverty in india now? not the concern about the dhritarashtra-alinganam that uncle sam wants to get us into? not the problem of environmental degradation and the dying rivers of india? how goddamn myopic can you be?

besides, does guha ever spend a moment of his worthless life wondering about how his precious mohammedans are treating hindus in their countries, not only pakistan (rape, forced conversion), but bangladesh (abduction, forced conversion, beating to death), malaysia (destruction of hindu temples en masse, forced conversion)?

the guy deserves my jibe as 'bowel-movement historian' both for imagining that cricket is anything more than a bowel movement; and for having his nose so deeply embedded in brown-nosing that he cannot see that there is, yes, virginia, a whole universe out there.


interestingly, there was a counterpoint to this in the nyt (of course, india-pakistan-equal-equal from the atlanticist paper), where the pakistani guy did not waste any time worrying about india, but confined himself to worrying about the future of pakistan itself. whereas here this magnanimous idiot, who is typical of the JNU-educated, is far more concerned about the future of pakistan and of mohammedans than about the future of india! and these are the court historians -- sorry, 'eminent historians' who are considered authorities!


Harish said...

Rajeev if this pissed u off..

u gotta see this idiot mouthing off inanities couched as insights in various Indian news channel..

he is actually also a resident expert on every things "South India"..
apart from other important things like Cricket..

Its so easy to become an 'intellectual' in India these days.. the entry barrier is so low and the rewards are grand...

Chris said...

I really laughed and laughed some more! This dolt, he has been slaughtered with Rajeev's pen. OK, one question. Does this bloke Guha see the whole universe in the Muslim arse that he brown noses? Because that's what comes to my mind when I read Rajeev's post.

ab said...

I really cant understand why people from good hindu families develop such a crush on muslims. who can be more different, weird, obnoxious and antithetical from a hindu point of view? yet these guys, who follow hindu customs, marry hindus, have hardly any muslim friend who trusts them, sing love songs for muslims. why, what's so special about muslims?

of late i read some articles from sagarika ghosh and her husband r. sardesai expressing deep love for muslims, bordering almost on the carnal.

muslims are not asking for their help or showing them affection. let them be caught by a muslim mob and they will be murderred without one question asked about how much love they have for muslims.

you dont need to hate, but leave them alone. let them sort out their issues. after all they came invading over us, so even if u take the argument this caused that and that caused that, the blame ultimately ends on muslims. how can you like them so much, i cant understand.

ramesh said...

U are absolutely right. In fact this pernicious trend seems to be catching on in hindi films also. The habit of glamorizing muslims as patriotic people who are being badly misunderstood (Chak De, for instance, the movie was good though, or Main Hoon Na where an ex-Indian army office is shown as sabotaging a peace attempt, etc.); the old habit of making fun of pujaris / pundits etc. especially popular in “Dravidian” inspired Tamil movies, etc). Read Shobha de’s article on Shah Rukh in Sunday TOI last week. As wafa sultan writes no such thing as moderates & fanatics, moderates basically provide the screen cover to confuse & obfuscate the issue. I have just come across this blog, its really an eye opener, my compliments to Mr. Sreenivasan and the other writers.