Monday, August 06, 2007

washpost: Pakistan: the most dangerous country on Earth

aug 6th, 2007

pretty much mirrors what i said about musharraf's theater of the absurd. hoagland calls it tap-dancing.

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Musharraf's Obsolete Way

By Jim Hoagland Washington Post

Sunday, August 5, 2007; Page B07

Watching Pervez Musharraf perform brings to mind Fred Astaire. The Pakistani president tap-dances so nimbly across the world stage with such flair that you forget he is practicing a dying art.

Musharraf's art is running a soft military dictatorship -- albeit with civilian trappings -- in a socially fractured Islamic nation that is a nuclear power and a key front in the U.S. war on global terrorism. He has been dancing as fast and as skillfully as he can as he balances atop the most dangerous country on Earth.


But Musharraf's long run as President Bush's personal favorite among Third World leaders is in such serious trouble that some administration officials have quietly conducted a review of the general's ability to survive. Their conclusion -- that he can continue to hang on -- may well ignore changing Pakistani and international realities.

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