Sunday, August 26, 2007

Like Mandir, Like Nuclear
What is it about Advani that makes him such a sucker for shooting himself (and the national aspiration) in the balls?

First it was the Shri Ram Mandir, then Jinnah's secular speech Pakistan suck-up - and now this free pass to Doctor M Singh. I am beginning to think even Advani is crypto Mohammedan-Communist. Even the Commies are more consistent than this guy, and because of that they are easy to pin down as betrayers. Folks like Advani though - what can I say? The guy reminds me of the John Kerry sailing jibe "Anyway the wind blows" - what a flip flopper!


Narayan said...

Mr Ghost writer. You are not a politician so you probably did not understand what Advani meant.
First, he is trying to shatter the myth of the LEFT that everyone is behind the LEFT.
Second, Advani is right, US-India relations are good as long as it does not undermine our nation and we always act in our self-interest. Second the commies do not want to pull down the ISOLATE them and make them pull the govt down. If bjp says pull-pull the commies will go to the side of kangres. reason is they are together because they fear the HINDUS (read Bjp).

habc said...

OT - Kiev, Astana Back 'Grain OPEC' Idea

TallIndian said...

Actually, Advani is playing it nicely. Should the party come back into power, he now has the means to go forward with the deal.

Also, he separates himself from the Maoists.

BTW, John Kerry was a combat veteran while coward like Dick Cheney and George Bush avoided Vietnam.

And it was George Bush and Dick Cheney that organzied the Kunduz Airlift and saved Mushie's behind becuase they believed he was on their side int he 'War on Terra'.

anand said...

Nations do not have friends.

Nations have interests, nations have allies and enemies, depending on their respective interests; joint or conflicting. In negotiating with India, the US has only shown this trait strongly. We haven't and are weakly parroting words like friendships and relationships.

It is tragic that because the communists are resisting the deal, it has become easy to tar anyone opposing it as 'pro China' or 'anti-Indian'. The Commies have their own agenda and Indian sovereignty has never been their concern when it came to their puppeteers. However, the Indian people have been kept in the dark about the cost of the deal, the cost of the electricity it will provide and the safety / compensation guarantees. Have you forgotten how the US has treated Indians over the Union Carbide issue?

We shall pay for everything here and own nothing. The deal is in the purview of the Hyde Act which demands that India ally with the US wherever it has strategic interests. US wants to loot Iran's oil, and hence calls it an enemy. Why can we not deal with Iran for our own interests? The 123 deal prevents us from doing so. And then, Iran today, anyone else tomorrow. That's what we need our independence for. If the US does not like what we like - which may be against their interest but to OUR benefit- they can just stop / block supplies, the fuel to the engine of growth is halted and India brakes mid-stride. That they can do so without compunction has been well documented in the history of independent India itself.

But then what can one say to a people whose idea of a career goal is working for a US MNC or even better, settling in the US?