Monday, August 06, 2007

Party Over for Indian Outsourcing?

What the hell is "conceptual brahmanism"?

From the Businessweek article:

But while India lacks a formal innovation culture, one would never know from the assumed superiority over foreign rivals. Indian firms are simply unable, culturally, to absorb a Western company. Industry analysts say Indian companies such as Infosys are hierarchical, and have an elitist view of their business and suffer from "conceptual Brahmanism," referring to the group at the upper echelon of the Indian caste system.

Somebody teach this phrase to Lou Dobbs, I'm sure he'll have a field day with it.


AGworld said...

This is hatred and bigotry, plain and simple.
Its like that rogue from Arcelor who called Mittal's dollars "funny money"

I say: let them be -- just like the Arcelor CEO, who's not laughing anymore.

nonchristian said...
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ab said...

dont know whats wrong with this article except the uselss analogy to caste system.

The points raised in this article are not new - people in IT comanies discuss them all the time. You will not find many people who take pride in their brain numbing coding and stupid people management work. In fact an article 'Bangalore- silicon valley or coolie valley' was quite a rage among the IT workforce some time back.

Why are accenture and IBM at par with home grown companies in the tame business of 'offhsoring'?

And what are Indians companies doing to build cosnulting expertise to compete with the same companies abroad in the same time frame- virtually nothing.

That means they are defeated.

Even accenture and IBM hardly allow Indians to do good work - there are thier gora consulting sahibs sitting on their heads.

It is a real surprise that even after so many years Indian companies cant create jobs that give any amount to intellectual satisfaction to people. we waited and waited but nothing is coming up .All they do is talk big and do crap work.

We all hope that IT always earns big returns, but how long can we go on congratulating ourselves. Is the famed Indian intellect good for only this - others rejected work? Just because the country is poor, is everyone intellectually paralysed? Isnt there a direct connection between a cheap ecocnomy and hence cheap work?

Lack of skills- what are these greats doing to develop these skills - who will develop skills on their behalf? Their training is a joke, the careers path is unstimulating, they want everything on a platter.

Industries have been wiped out by self congratulation and hubris. It doesnt hurt to be careful.

hokiepride said...

Another "Indian companies are IT-coolies" BS. Like the gora IT companies are staffed with Noble Prize winners..NOT. Most of the white IT consultancies except Apple,MS and IBM do monkey work as well. Of course we need to be careful and not carried away by hubris. And hierachial brahminism is better than hierachial racism in IBM or MS. How many blacks and Mexicans do you see in top echelons in Western IT companies.

ab said...

The lesser we talk about nobel prize winners the better...Indians have a horrible record. Only when Indians go abroad are they able to win Nobel prizes, and that too once in half a century or so.

Evidently that is because of racism.Racism racism everywhere.

But the question is why are they so superiorly positioned in the world to be able to do racism to us?

Indians are manning many top posts in US companies. Where did this racism vanish then?

I find no excuse as pathetic as 'We could be at the top, but they dont let us', like the quota champions, as if others have committed a sin by not being black/mexican, and must make way for these great souls. Who knows whether the blacks and mexicans are even trying? If they are so darned discriminated against, why dont they create a multinational in Mexico, or show their mettle in India. No we must succeed in the white comanies and white countries and we we dont they are racist thugs- what drivel

hokiepride said...

Clearly you have reading comprehension deficiency. Whether Blacks and Mexicans are trying or not trying is NOT the point. The point is that US companies are not diverse, so they better STFU about the "Brahminical" structure of our IT companies, thats all.

Regarding the Nobel Prize comment I was being sarcastic obviously but I guess you were unable to understand that. The point is that BW knocked on Indian IT cos as being not innovative. The Western IT cos with the exception of MS, Oracle, Apple or IBM are not great innovators themselves. So the pot calls the kettle black (or white..?)

And I am making any excuses for anything, all I am saying that BW better not point fingers at out IT companies, since the average US IT company is not some paragon of excellence. And I never said "they are keeping us down" or any BS like that. But I guess an Uncle Tom like you cannot figure that out

ab said...
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ab said...

true gunga din, uncle tom cant figure out ur logic, pearls of wisdom are falling from your mouth at such a fast pace...or is its just BS?