Sunday, August 12, 2007

Chennai Port Trust plans mega terminal

which is the first of its kind in India.

and more on Port Expansion projects around the country...

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nizhal yoddha said...

this ties in two of the persistent threads of t r baalu's obsessions. (t r baalu is the minister for 'dravidian' shipping worldwide, just like e ahamed is the minister for mohammedan interests worldwide).

baalu has a) killed off the deep-water container port at vizhinjam, trivandrum. this, one might note, is a naturally deep harbor with a draft of 24 meters, as opposed to chennai's i presume dredged (oooh, such luscious opportunities for continuous graft in digging into the sea!) depth of 18 meters -- chennai after all is not a natural harbor

b) he is destroying the rama sethu.

t r baalu's vision is that all these huge arabian sea container ships that now go to singapore or colombo will now go through the rama sethu canal and instead call on chennai!

fat chance. for several good reasons.

a) going to chennai would add 700 nautical miles to their trip, as opposed to going to vizhinjam, which would reduce their travel by at least 300.

b) going through the rama sethu channel would be hazardous, as it is unlikely to be well-dredged and it is exceedingly narrow anyway, it is not dependable like the suez or panama or the straits of malacca. the big ships are going to say, no thanks, we'll rather go the open ocean route around sri lanka.

so, the only ships that will come calling at chennai's mega-port will be LTTE ships! or maybe ships full of christist missionaires. of course, what more could a little 'dravidian' heart desire!