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Fwd: Taslima Nasrin attacked at book release

aug 13th, 2007

ghrd knows something about what actually goes on in bangladesh: the systematic gang rapes and abductions of hindu women, among other atrocities. taslima is being crucified merely for being the whistle-blower. these thugs of the MIM need some sharp instruments applied to their bottoms. they, like the moplahs of malabar and the direct action mavens of calcutta, are mohammedan barbarians who only understand the language of violence.

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Taslima Nasrin attacked at book release

 Taslima Nasrin

Author and feminist activist Taslima Nasrin was attacked in Hyderabad, India on 9 August. Leaders of the Muslim political party Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) took chance of the author's newest book release 'Sokhe' to molest Ms Nasrin.

The activist escaped unhurt, however intellectual Inaiah Nanisetti suffered a bleeding injury on his face. The authors were saved by the journalists present who fought the attackers until the police came.

While protesting against her alleged anti-Islam writings, books and other heavy objects were thrown at Ms Nasrin with the intention to inflict injuries on her. When the police arrived at the scene the author had been escorted away by the organisers.

Police Commissioner Balwinder Singh said three legislators of MIM were arrested in connection with the incident.

GHRD sincerely regrets this attack on the author, who has been praised for her courage in promoting freedom of expression throughout the world. Ms Nasrin is an ambassador for GHRD's Bangladesh campaign "Stop the Gang Rapes".


GHRD's Human Rights Officer Jenny Lundström considered the occurrence to be "an attack not only against an extraordinarily courageous woman, but as well against the fundamental human rights principles, freedom of thought and expression".


Ms Lundström commented also that the attack "is a sad illustration of how fundamental powers are objecting to the fulfilment of universal rights for women, regardless of ethnicity, religion or caste, not allowing traditional practices that are in fact victimising women to be scrutinised. It is always a disgrace to democracy when assaults like this are allowed to take place. However, I trust that the perpetrators will be brought to justice according to democratic procedures, even though they clearly have shown contempt for democratic norms themselves."


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anand said...

This may seem off tangent but is not.

Some time ago, when Sachin Tendulkar got himself a Ferrari, there was a dispute about duty evasion. Some Judge had filed a suit against him, though there was no formal complaint. I presume it's called Suo moto.

Wonder if judges don't read the papers or do not see TV that no one is bothered that goons like Owaisi crow about ciminal misdeeds committed in the name of religion?