Monday, August 06, 2007

after all these years of feminism, women make much less than men in white countries

aug 6th, 2007

so where are all the bra-burners?

in the semitic bible, it says a woman is worth some 60% of a man's
worth in the old days. not so different these days, eh?

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ab said...

women have different abilities than men, the economy is made by males with concomittant rush for no matter how many facilties you provide to women, they will never equqal men on these parameters- they are not meant for it nor are they interested

you will have to feed a newborn mother's milk not currency notes or gold medals, and no doubt the former is more a more vital need for a human being

Living in a world of high- achieving egotistical males all great 'successes', and earning six figure salaries with no low income women around is a scenario of hell

i dont think we need to push women to accept our inane parameters of success- which human problem has thousands of years of 'progess' solved - are we happier, or healthier or what

fact is we have no good arrangement to imrove the quality of human beings and we are all hopelessly caught in this model of success which is quite flawed

but that doesnt mean women will become men, how about measuring the value of pain and dsicomfort what all of us high income males cause to women while coming in the world