Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bharat Karnad - loss of National will,-not-common-sense.aspx
Some 'abstruse' formulations by 'experts' that the likes of Tavleen Singh should try to imbibe. Note the part about India's three stage Thorium nuclear capability being shared - we are the only country that loves to gift away all our competitive advantage.
What soldiers gain on the bleak heights of the Himalayas; the politicos give away on the negotiating table. Likewise with scientific gains. This deal - like Nehruvian Secularism is bad for India, but will end up being the norm.

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srikanth said...

I can't understand this man called Ram Jethmalani. He seems to be a staunch supporter of the Indo-US nuclear deal. Read the following story:

It is a million dollar question at this point of time, whether the Deal will sail through or will be nuked. The left, for once, seem to be in no mood to go with the Sonia Congress. But who knows? The likely scenario is that they will abstain, when the vote is taken, if it is taken, in the parliament and because of the numbers, the deal will be okayed by the parliament. That will be the end of India's independence. A nice way to celebrate the diamond jubilee of India's independence.