Thursday, August 09, 2007

British peer held for 'racially' abusing Sikh

British peer held for 'racially' abusing Sikh
Rather typical way for the snooty upper-class, bastard children of limey land (no kidding - many in the upper class takes pride in being 'born on the wrong side of the blanket'). This is typical of them of course - remember the 'half naked fakir' apellation given by Churchill?
Those that are not capable of being decent cannot see any decency in others.


KapiDhwaja said...

Shikhandi Singh can learn a thing or two about self-respect and pride in one's heritage from this poor Sikh cabbie.

Chatrapath said...

Read the link above. This will absolutely enlighten all of you. This is CHRISTIANITY to the very core. I wish all Indian Christians would read this interview. They might just think about converting back to Hinduism.

Chatrapath said...

Indian Christians, do you really think that you have any advantage by being Christians? Think again...a white Satanist child-molester will go much farther than an Indian Christian in any Western country.

Why don't you have some self-respect and at least be true to yourselves? Stop worshipping this false white god named christ. By worshipping christ you worship the very race that wants your destruction.

karyakarta92 said...

Bloody limeys getting their racist kicks out of insulting Hindus & Sikhs, when they cannot control the Englishwomen who are so fond of Pakis.
Like that Jemima Goldsmith who was nikahed to Imran Khan and bore him 2 Muslim sons.
And that Princess Diana who was sleeping around with Egyptian Muslim Dodi AL fayed to make her
non-serious Paki lover,
Dr. Hasnat Khan jealous.
It is said that she wanted to divorce Prince Charles, convert to Islam and marry her Pakistani doctor. She also allegedly visited his family in Karachi who were thrilled, but the Paki doctor chickened out.

It makes complete limey logic.
If you can't crush Muslim terrorism & can't control Englishwomen being seduced by Pakis & other assorted Muslims - then naturally, attack the Hindus & Sikhs!

susheela said...

I am shocked that people have to do this kind of character assasination to prove that Hindus are great. The above comment certainly isnt showing the writer in great light.

Here is some Diana facts -

It is well known that Diana was married to a prince who had not given up the person he loved. She discovered too late. He pursued his past romance even after his wedding.

Diana was forced to live in a marriage where her husband didnt really belong to her. For many years, she didnt want to divorce because of her children. Being a daughter of divorced parents herself, she did not want her children to go through any kind of trauma.

It is none of anybody's business to criticize Diana's relationships outside her marriage to a man who didn't love her. And her later mutually sought divorce from Charles.

Who are you to say she slept around with someone to make someone else jealous ?

I mean, people can come here and say anything rotten about anyone, out of their imaginations ? It is shocking.

siva said...


What karyakarta92 said about Diana is not new. It is said by many of her friends themselves and also by western media so many times. So there is no need to jump at him.

You are right on one thing. It is nobody’s business to criticize anybody for having a relationship outside his/her marriage. But when someone makes a living out of adultery then expecting others not to speak about it does not make sense.

susheela said...

The person making money out of the "adultery" wasnt Diana. She was a wealthy princess who didnt need to do anything for money. Least of all, sleep around.

It is my understanding that Diana was divorced at the time she dated Dodi Al Fayad. And wasnt married to Dr.Hasnat. So I'm not sure her relationship with Fayad can be called adultery. Charles didnt care about her anyway. He had his other life since years.

Dodi Fayad was apparently an ardent suitor she also liked being with, so it's not like she was simply using someone to achieve some other outcome.

It is the people who write in the magazines about her "adultery" that are making money out of it.

siva said...

Making a living need not necessarily mean earning money. It has different meaning for different people; it may be money, fame, power or something else. In this case I meant fame, constant media attention and public sympathy she derived out of making her adultery world famous.

When I talked about adultery I was talking about her relationship with a horse trainer or some body else posted at her palace and other affairs she had when she was still married. I was not talking about her relationship with Dodi.

I was only saying that do not expect others not to talk about a public person who became famous for all the wrong reasons and still found a way to make a living out of it.

It looks like you are a fan of Diana and clearly I am not. It does not matter to me whether she is a saint or an adulterer. So I am not going to write about a stupid dead bimbo again.

vladimir said...

How did this thread regress to Diana? What a waste...If MI5 didn't like the fact that she was with a muslim, and assuming they rubbed her out that is their own business. In which way does it affect us?

karyakarta92 said...

You are back to your old game.
This is not about Hinduism or Sikhism or Christianity or Judaism.
It is about the racial arrogance of Englishmen.

Why should you, an Indian Christian assume the role of a Gunda-Din when it is limeys being criticised? Racist limeys, at that?

And, the "slander" you're accusing me of is widely held perception among the British people, which actually extends to the belief that Diana was actually assasinated by MI5 because they did not want to risk the dishonour
of their Princess converting to Islam. Imagine, the heirs to the British crown would have a Muslim mother! Imagine the demoralization that would have caused to British patriots.

In retrospect, if this widely held western perception is indeed true, then it is actually a shame.

Indeed the arrogant limeys would have deserved the kick if she had married that Paki doctor.

Princess Diana was a truly gorgeous woman and a faggot like Charles did not deserve her.

I was not judging her character or
slandering her. I was only pointing out the cowardice of the Englishmen who kneel down before Muslim fundamentalism & persecute peace loving Hindus.

There is that other Limey,
Hugh Grant who is now courting Jemima Goldsmith after she was discarded by Imran Khan!