Thursday, August 16, 2007

A word dropped, a word inserted
Arun Shourie may not be a nuclear 'expert' - but as always you cannot argue against the facts he arrays. We must mount a campaign against the following 'givens' in the Indian media

- this deal is all about Nuclear energy - it is not - it is about non-proliferation
- this deal will make India a major power - it will not - it will make India energy and defense dependent.
- this deal is M Singh's finest foreign policy hour - it is not - it is actually George W's finest (and only?) foreign policy hour
- the NDA is arguing against it only because they are not the ones to conclude the deal - they are not - they are arguing against it because it is bad (NDA meeds to commit to rescind it if restored to power; put your money where your mouth is fellows)
- America wants to be our friend - it does not - it wants us to be Robin to the US Batman i.e. junior and dependent partner.

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