Wednesday, August 29, 2007

see christist padre wriggling and jumping through hoops re the blessed MT

aug 29th, 2007

to account for the fact that the old bat M Teresa was really nothing more than a money-making businesswoman for the vatican, and that she didn't even believe the tosh she was spreading all around about jesus and his pa.

what a hypocrite the leathery old saint was! we knew this already, as she gave practically no medical care to the dying that she dragged into her charnel houses for publicity purposes, whereas she always ended up at top-flight hospitals in the west. also, the many millions that people donated to her were not spent on the poor, they simply vanished into the vatican's kitty. but this is further proof that she didn't even believe the crap she was peddling, and was just taking advantage of the riches that came her way, from the likes of the abominable baby doc duvalier of haiti and charles keating, a major felon and conman in the us. smart businesswoman indeed.

and how appropriate that she would be considered a 'saint'. as i wondered years ago in my column 'the saint business', if she were a 'saint' (along with that lunatic and thug 'saint' francis xavier), then what would a 'sinner' look like? the mind boggles. :-)

actually, those that the hoary old MNC known as the vatican considers 'sinners' are usually good people who just haven't bought into their bullshit.


theresia said...
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ramesh said...

U are right (the dark night stuff) I mean it looks like an attempt to cast her in the mould of St Augustine (the author of the famous Confessions – a tedious, dry book full of the author’s doubts and misgiving, etc. and therefore much celebrated by the Church. They love tedious dry stuff, unlike our religion). Personally of course I agree with u. That woman was a damned phony & a nuisance, as well as being one of the shrewdest media manipulators, even more than the late princess di.

nizhal yoddha said...

one of the best things diana did was to die just before MT, thereby denying MT most of the media circus she would have expected.

thank the lord for small mercies :-)

this doubt/misgiving stuff goes way back in the brooding death cult of christism. early 'saint' origen cut off his genitals. early 'saint' tertullian said he believed the christ myth because it was so absurd, it must be true!

Shahryar said...

Theresia said "Blame the Vatican, not the woman who was honest enough to face her experiences and write about them to her bosses."


Most nuns who recognise the emptyness of Christianity leave the nunnery, not found a new order to perpetuate the same sham business!

theresia said...
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nizhal yoddha said...

here's another plausible interpretation, 'theresia': the old bat got used to the deification, the adulation and the comforts she enjoyed due to her ill-gotten millions, and so decided to stick with the farce. typical christist godman/woman behavior, that would be: god is mammon.

nizhal yoddha said...

'theresia' is yet another incarnation of the much-banned daisies. so all her posts will be deleted as soon as they are discovered.