Monday, August 27, 2007

Confront Saudi Arabia

Great article. Why should the bloody Saudis be allowed to construct madarssas & mosques all over the world, when they won't allow any other religion on their soil? Till they actually reform, perhaps non-Islamic Nations can get together and ban Islam from their territories?


TallIndian said...

Surely you jest?

Where do the Israelis think the billions the US sends them every year comes from?

Who do you think recyles hundreds of billions of petrodollars back to the United States every year?

san said...

The end of petro-supremacy is coming, because its pricetag is too high.

TallIndian said...

Perhaps, san, perhaps. But until then when Saudis trained by Pakistanis attack the WTC, the US will retaliated against Iraq and Afghanistan.

siva said...

End of petrodollars will not put an end to Islamic terrorism.

srikanth said...

It’s a funny thought!

The US is not bothered whether the oil prices are high or low, it continues to guzzle up oil like there’s no tomorrow. It gets back most of its money from the OPEC guys by selling them worthless (if not now, at a later stage) US treasury bonds. I wonder what happens when the oil wells run completely dry; I suppose the OPEC chaps will be left holding lots of this junk paper, which they can use for you know what!

san said...

OPEC chaps will at that point be fleeing their collapsing countries to live out the remainder of their days in their foreign villas.

AGworld said...

We're living in a fools paradise if we believe the OPEC guys are doing nothing and will be left in the lurch.

They're busy buying assets all over the world -- AlWaleed owns a third of CitiCorpo! Others are also realising that the end of the petroleum age (or at least the end of total dependence on petroleum) is nigh.

Much of the middle east is pouring the money into developing world-beating cities that will generate economic activity.

Just look at Dubai.
These places can eat a mumbai for lunch -- imagine if mumbai's diamond bourse shifts here or to singapore!

The hindu nationalist imperative is to pressure our own rag tag leaders to recognise these shifts and push in the right direction ourselves (i.e. less sarkar, more shasan)