Monday, August 20, 2007

why all those AIDS predictions were clearly bogus re india: sex survey

aug 20th, 2007

the AIDS fuss and predictions were merely a way for the christist NGOs to get more money for their nefarious conversion activities.

if anybody finds the foreign policy article with this detail, do post it here.

according to this chart, indians are about the most careful in their sexual habits, and lose their virginity quite late.

true, i guess those long-distance truckers do spread the disease around quite a bit, but this chart is indeed eye-opening. compare india with south africa, thailand, the US and other places which are hot spots: behaviorally speaking, the % of indians at risk is quite low.

and look at all those horny mohammedans in malaysia, indonesia and turkey fornicating away: the turks are champs at it, and nobody is excommunicating anybody, what? i am sure pakistan would also come way up there on the scale, after all they have people like that famous, fire-breathingly 'pure' mullah known as 'sandwich', who was found in flagrante delicto rather snugly ensconced between a male and a female prostitute: sort of coming and going at the same time.

one would expect the scandinavians to be pretty much out there, and they are. the aussies are carrying on, but i thought the new zealanders were a little prudish.

but what about france? far more modest than the image portrayed by their films? and those horny little limeys, carrying on, prudishly saying something like, 'i say, old chap, shall we have another crumpet, and a cucumber sandwich, and perhaps one of those, um... quickies, as the yanks put it?' (yes, i imagine the limey guys are humping each other, after all, this is what they all do in public school).

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