Thursday, August 09, 2007

and here at last a "democratic" Muslim MLA
Disregard the highly irritable TV anchor - listen to the man himself who loves to speak for 20 Crore "Muslims" - and does this guy have a pair on him or what? The man now speaks for placing Indian citizens above non-Indians. I guess this is what the Idiot RSS-wallahs mean by Bharatiya Muslims vs. the Arabic original


KapiDhwaja said...

Thanks for posting the video, Ghost Writer. It was highly entertaining! Watched it fully. Now are these guys(MLA Akbaruddin Owaisi & pals) for hire? If so, I would like to request them to extend the same courtesies to (Suzanne)Arundhati Roy everytime she opens her mouth.

AGworld said...

Irritating or irritable? :-)

She asked some "pointed" questions to which the abdulwhatever said the same thing again and again.

Hilarious but eye opening!

siva said...

I hate that stupid bimbo Sagarika Ghose. Every time I see her face on TV she gets on my nerves.

siva said...

Did you guys notice Indian English news channel talk show hosts repeating a question or statement or reinterpreting what a guest said over and over again? It is really annoying to watch. It’s like they are trying to hypnotize their viewers with their views. Indian news channels, especially English ones, are only for na├»ve juveniles.

Ghost Writer said...

I meant irritating - but irritable is true too!

Yeah that Ghosh woman sure is nuts. Why cannot India have decent TV anchors? - There used to be a guy (maybe he is still around) called Vishnu Som who did a half-decent job. Everyone else is just simply loud and on a tangent.

ab said...

indian news channels have no credibility..some of their recent jewels:

hanging around that stinking frog hannef like a bunch of puppies

falsely spreading about a boy in UP that he is tha avatar of some englishman, if you wtach the video, you will die of embarrassment

karyakarta92 said...

Notice how the debate is between
the sob Owaisi and the obnoxious
Nafeesa Ali, moderated by the obnoxious Ghose.
Owaisi was trying to portray M.F Hussain as being victimised by Indian authorities & attempting to contrast it with the "protection" given to Taslima Nasreen. This is nonsense. The old pervert would be behind bars if that were true.
I will publicly distribute Mithai when the old pervert dies, of whatever causes. A pervert aggressor like M.F Hussain (guess what the initials stand for, by the way) should be punished severely.
These bloody Owaisis, father & 3 sons are a nuisance to Hyderabad.
Their house is walking distance from ours. It is time the Hindus of Hyderabad teach the MIM Razakars a lesson, like we did back in 1984