Wednesday, May 02, 2007

UPA is to Setu what Taliban is to Bamiyan

apr 2, 2007

good point about vandalism, and please do sign the petition. it is becoming increasingly clear that this is a bad idea.

i was amused to hear that t r baalu spent a few hours at the saraswati mahal library reading up on the historic evidence about the rama setu. astonishing, t r baalu can actually read! but then he showed his true colors: he tried to destroy or suppress some of the evidence.

there is also apparently divine intervention: the dredger sent out there broke, and the crane broke and fell into the sea. quick, where is karnataka minister and billionaire t john? he'd explain that this was happening because christists were being persecuted in tamil nadu.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Sarvesh

Hi Rajeev,

Would like to invite your attention to a blog some of us have put up to
highlight the alarming situation faced in Rama Setu issue:

The stunning parallels between Bamiyan destruction and Setu issue:

Would it be possible for you to inform/request your readers about the
protest petition which is kept at  Or inform them
about the Setu blog above?

Thanks so much for all the great effort you have been putting.

Best Regards

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