Wednesday, May 02, 2007


may 2, 2007

sandhya thinks the yanks may be about to invade saudi arabia. i must, respectfully, disagree. why should they invade when the bushies and the saudis are hand-in-glove?

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Iran or Arabia?


Sandhya Jain


Recent developments in Saudi Arabia, from the suspiciously timely unveiling of a plot against the royal family, oil wells and army bases, to a revived demand for constitutional monarchy and electoral democracy, suggest something is rotten in the desert kingdom. Some years ago, President George Bush trained his guns at a sitting duck called Afghanistan before nimbly shifting them to Iraq and helping fellow oilmen enrich themselves with its alluring oilfields. But given the Iraqi people's legendary ingratitude for the Free World's gift of democracy, and the stiffer resistance expected from a defiant Iran, one wonders if the rhetoric aimed at Teheran and the threat to Persian oilfields is not a decoy for the takeover of the Saudi Arabian oilfields that Uncle Sam once virtually owned for six long decades.

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