Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gujarat "encounters" in perspective

may 6th, 2007

ishrat jehan the second.

this sohrobuddin character was a clear anti-social and a terrorist, but just like in the graham staines case, the communists are only interested in tainting the State using any and all means at their disposal. the media are their accomplices.

shekhar gupta types must be promising musharraf 'just like we (the media) got rid of the bjp at the center, as i promised you, we will get rid of modi as well. it's just a matter of time. we'll get him assassinated, dispirit the honest police officers who are holding the line in gujarat, and whatever else it takes. of course our goal, like yours, is the dissolution of the indian State.'

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From: Raghu

Hi Rajeev,

These two articles one by Swapan Dasgupta and another by Free Press Journal puts Gujarat encounters in real perspective..

These things happen dozen a day everywhere in the country, but see how it is being twisted to show Gujarat is a lawless society..

As usual the courts will deliver a quick "justice" when the accused are law enforcement personal..



Chris said...

Link to Swapan Dasgupta's article is

The link given leads to another article.

sands said...

Yeah thanks mate chris for the link on the larger issue now even ishart jehan is being seen as "victim" by the NDTV-IBN teesta shabana brigade all over again huh