Sunday, May 06, 2007

brazil breaks pharma patent by importing indian generics

may 6, 2007

this is good news.

brazil is the *only* NAM-type contact that is worth cultivating, because brazil is also a superpower in the making. all those other piddly little NAM-scum are not worth spending more than ten seconds on. except of course, as china is doing, trying to get options on their oil, metals and minerals by giving them nuclear weapons and whatever else their little thuggy dictators want. purely a colonial view. but brazil (which has a ppp-per capita GDP of more than twice that of india -- refer recent economist survey of brazil) has a couple of good things we need: one, technology for ethanol manufacturing on a large scale and for mixed-mode auto engines that can run on any mixture of ethanol and gasoline; two, the potential to be a partner in an OPEC-like Organization of Food Exporting Countries -- wouldn't that be a fantastic cartel to be in?

yes, i think india could, if we play the game right, have the pharma giants by the neck. there was an other economist article on an icelandic company which is the 3rd largest generic maker in the world (forgot the name) which increasingly does its R&D in india.

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