Sunday, May 06, 2007

discrimination against hindus in america

may 6th, 2007

same as in india. any mohammedan or christist has far more privileges in india; similarly in the us, they actively discriminate against hindus.


Anonymous said...

The immigration judge should have been given a copy of the hindu human rights report.

Chatrapath said...

I read this very sad story. Horrible. See the NY Times article and video. It's enough to make you shed tears.

I took the initiative and called Kunal's uncle. I looked up the hotel # on google. I called the front desk and got right through to the uncle. Kunal was studying.

There MUST be something we can do for this kid. I will be contacting some well-placed people I know. He also told me that there is a lot of hostility because it's a very Mormon area and they are always trying to convert the family. The uncle is a real rock solid guy. He was very positive and very encouraging to his nephew.

Kunal has a real fire of determination. He is absolutely focused on winning the Bee. He feels that by winning, he can draw support to his parents' situation. The poor kid just wants his parents. Why should he be denied?

This episode also gives me incredible faith in Hinduism---think about it...ONLY a Hindu would think of winning a contest or proving his or her superiority in order to gain attention. A Muslim would commit terror in order to gain attention. Some Christians would also do something horrific or make noise or do something destructive.

The Hindu hits the books and wants to bring attention through excellence. Only a Hindu will take this course of action!

this is how Hindus "protest"---by excelling. What other religion will preach this?